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Story of alerting a military computer in MNDF Integrated Headquarters in June 1996.The story I held secret in my heart for fourteen years (from 1996 to 2010)

It happened more than 22 years ago in June 1996.This is the 22nd anniversary and I want to celebrate it. It had eluded and mystified me for years and years. Now I have revised and updated this story since I first mentioned it in the year 2010 (14 years after when it happened). I revised the story and amended it from the information I gleaned and discerned from my contacts at Dhiraagu and MNDF Communications who were incumbent at that time.

All thanks are to Allah almighty, lord, creator and sustainer of the universe.
The MNDF Communications Section at that time had a Motorola® Saber™ Radio communications system given by the United States Department of Defense under certain terms and conditions. The system has a powerful high-end computer which monitors all the telephone calls of the MNDF, all the faxes sent and received by the fax machines in MNDF, all the pager calls, and all the radio calls which use the Motorola® Saber™ Radio system. The main distribution frame inside the MNDF Communications is the first place where all the telephone and fax lines enter including the intercom lines of MNDF. The lines are than from the main distribution frame connected and terminated to a multiplexer and the multiplexer is connected to this computer and on its monitor screens all the current calls both incoming and outgoing are displayed. The computer records all the calls and saves it in its hard disks and tape drives. Than the data is transmitted by a satellite dish to a US military satellite which than transfers the data to Pentagon in the United States. I had probably seen this satellite dish which is in one corner of the MNDF Integrated Headquarters with several other satellite dishes. The computer is a node of US Pentagon’s world wide defense system and it keeps a constant electronic surveillance on all the internal telephones and fax machines in all of the MNDF buildings. Whenever a phone call is made or received both internally and from external callers, the MNDF computer will display the call with the phone numbers and in real time the monitoring computers in the Pentagon in the US will know about it. The computer will go alert if the US military is aware of an attack against Maldives. I think the system was given to Maldives in 1994 or 1995.

The terms of provision include not to disclose technical information about the military monitoring systems to another country and not to reverse engineer the monitoring systems.The conditions of provision include to connect all the communications systems and satellite/cable television (inside all the mess rooms, game and recreation halls, and all of the barracks) into the monitoring systems. The US Army will provide sufficient training to the MNDF Communications staff in the United States. When the MNDF obtained internet service from Dhiraagu during those years of mid to late 1990's, the US Army deployed additional equipment in MNDF Communications to monitor the internet LAN (Local Area Network) traffic of the servers, computers, and laptops used by the MNDF and provided further training to the Communications staff in the USA.

When the officers and soldiers make telephone or pager calls inside any MNDF base, in real time the MNDF Communications and the US Army monitoring systems in the US will know about it. When the soldiers watch any channel or TV show using the provided satellite/cable television in any of the MNDF bases, both the MNDF Communications and the US Army monitoring center in Pentagon will be aware of it in real time. The MNDF Communications doesn't interfere with the staff watching satellite/cable television while having food and drinks in the mess rooms, or playing games like chess, carrom, or cards in the game and recreation halls, and resting in their assigned barracks . The officers and soldiers are given freedom to use the telephones and watch satellite/cable television as this is both the professional and ethical way of conduct and behavior as outlined and mentioned in the conditions of using the monitoring systems provided by the US Army.

The MNDF had to design and construct the Communications building with the direct supervision and guidance of the US Army Corps of Engineers. The US Army Corps of Engineers provided the architectural drawings and plans/blue prints of how the MNDF Communications building should be built. The rooms of the Communications unit are temperature and humidity controlled with air conditioners and have fire fighting equipment. The unit has access control security systems with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). The unit has backup electrical power systems.

The military monitoring systems provided by the US Army to MNDF Communications has backup and protection systems and spare parts. If one system malfunctions or becomes faulty, the backup equipment automatically takes over and the Communications staff has to fix and rectify the faulty one. The systems have inbuilt miniature pin hole like security cameras and several other security features.

The only MNDF units which used the Motorola® Saber™ radios were the Police and the Special Protection Group (SPG). The radio communication systems used by other MNDF units are also connected into the monitoring computers and also maintained by Communications. During those days of 1990's local television coverage is available only to Male' and the nearby islands close to Male' and Kaafu Atoll but the MNDF has satellite/cable television in most of its main bases through out Maldives and all of these are connected into the Communications monitoring systems. Some of the MNDF bases has their communication telephone networks connected using Dhiraagu leased line circuits into the MNDF Communications monitoring systems. Because of the importance of the MNDF Communications section since it houses a military monitoring node of US Pentagon for the protection of Maldives from an offensive strike and attack, it comes under the direct command of Major General Ambaree Abdul Sattar and the officers of Communications also report directly to him.

Although Villinigli is away from Male’, the telephone line and fax line of the MNDF unit in Villingili goes through Dhiraagu to the MNDF Communications main distribution frame and then to the MNDF Communications multiplexer and to the military computer and after that it goes to the Dhiraagu telephone exchange. The computer monitors the MNDF Private Automatic Branching Exchange or PABX in this way. The telephone network of MNDF Kalhuthukalaa Koshi is also connected using Motorola® routers to the MNDF Communications of the MNDF Integrated Headquarters in Bandaara Koshi.

A military organization really needs to monitor their internal communications otherwise the security of the organization would be questionable. Before computers became available this was done by recording all the communication traffic on magnetic tapes but when computers became available the monitoring systems were computerized. The United States was the first country in the world to do this and also the most advanced electronic surveillance systems are in the United States.

The MNDF officers who has to know if Maldives is in a threat were given Motorola® pagers. These officers include Major General Ambaree Abdul Sattar, Brigadier Mohamed Zahir, Brigadier Adam Zahir, Colonel Moosa Ali Jaleel, Colonel Ahmed Naeem Mohamed, and Lieutenant Colonel Adam Manik. There are other senior officers who has these Motorola® pagers. Every pager message sent by the telephones of the MNDF to these officers are encrypted by the MNDF computer and decoded by the pagers these officers carry. The pager messages sent by telephones by others (not in MNDF) were displayed as an ordinary pager message but goes through the MNDF monitoring computers.

I had seen the antenna of the pager system of MNDF. It's in a very long steel pole which is fixed in place by steel wires and it was in the roof top of Bandaara Koshi directly upstairs of the MNDF Communications and has protection against lighting during rainy days. The High Frequency (HF) Motorola® transmitters and switch is inside the rooms of Communications. During those days of 1996, most of the telephone, fax, and pager numbers of Dhiraagu covered in Male' and the nearby islands close to Male’ starts with the digit 3 followed by the five digits of the subscriber. The pager mobile HF lines used by all the staffs of MNDF goes through the MNDF Communications on a circuitous route before going through the Dhiraagu pager exchange. When a pager call is made, the signal goes on air from the Dhiraagu transmitting antenna to the MNDF Communications antenna which then goes to the monitoring computer systems and then back to the Dhiraagu's antenna and pager exchange via the Communications pager antenna.

The MNDF base of Villingili is also very close to the Dhiraagu Telecommunications Complex in Villinigili. The Dhiraagu Satellite Earth Station is also there. The distance from our MNDF base in Villingili and Dhiraagu complex is about 35 meters. There is a computer called Fax Online Diagnostic Service or FOLDS in the Earth station of Villingili. I read about FOLDS in the telephone directory when I read the directory for more information about Dhiraagu. It is a way of testing the fax machine. We had to send just a fax document to FOLDS which is just an ordinary telephone number and the FOLDS computer will send the fax back together with a technical report about the line and the fax machine.

That day on 6 June 1996 I was welcomed to Villingili by Lance Corporal Azeez and Private Aadhil. I was new to Villingili, and I think that afternoon I went for a walk in Villingili for sightseeing. Villingili is not a big island compared to Male’ but it was very comfortable in Villinigili as there was no traffic on the sandy roads. There was only 8 people in our Villingili station. Lance Corporal Azeez who was called Lhabey was In Charge. The others including me were all privates. Meeshag was considered senior among us.

After about a week in Villingili I and all the others were in our control room after taking dinner separately. We were all seated and resting and having an idle talk. I got the idea of testing the fax machine and I said it to all the others. The obvious document to send came to my mind as the Villingili ferry time table which was on the notice board. It was written in Dhivehi and it showed the departure times and arrival times of the boats from Villingili and Male’. I took the Dhiraagu Telephone Directory and found the FOLDS number. Then I took the time table from the notice board and put it on our Panasonic® brand fax machines tray. I dialed the FOLDS number and sent the fax to FOLDS. The FOLDS computer sent back the fax in a minute to our fax machine. It was the same ferry time table and a technical report about our fax machine. There was FOLDS printed in large font in the fax which came back. It spoke of decibels which is a term for loss and gain of signals. There were other many technical terms in the report. Lhabey and Meeshag and all the others were amazed about what I just did.

I kept sending the time table over the next few days. I send it always when I am alone in the control room. The computer in MNDF Communications determined that this is very unusual. It was aware that a sort of time table was sent to a remote number and that fax was returning. The computer calculated the distance between our fax and the remote number to which the time table was sent and found it was very close by. The computer accessed the FOLDS computer in the Earth station and scanned it to determine which type of fax machine it was and identified it as another computer. The MNDF computer did this by sending packets of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) datagrams to the FOLDS computer and the packets returned back to MNDF computer within milliseconds.

The computer went red alert and sent pager alerts to Deputy Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Major General Ambaree Abdul Sattar, Chief of Staff Brigadier Mohamed Zahir and Commissioner of Police Brigadier Adam Zahir. It sent pager alerts to other senior officers of MNDF including the Director General of Coast Guard Colonel Moosa Ali Jaleel, Commanding Officer of Armory Lieutenant Colonel Adam Manik, and Captain Ibrahim Didi who is the Officer Commanding of MNDF Communications. The small dot matrix LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display of the Motorola® pagers these officers carry began to flash repeatedly with the messages "MALDIVES UNDER ATTACK" and "PROCEED TO COMMAND CENTER" and also the tiny LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb started to blink in red with a beeping sound. The Communications staff was thunder struck. The computer directed the officers and Communications staff to click the print button to see the fax which alerted the computer. They were bewildered when it printed the ferry time table. There was amazement and the thought that I had hacked the computer. I didn’t.

The NSA (National Security Agency which comes under Pentagon and is the US agency which handles the protection of the communications networks of the US government, interception of telecommunication signals by rival nations, and controlling of US spy satellites and some other military satellites) immediately took high-resolution close range photographs of Villingili and the oceans of Maldives from one of their satellites in space above Maldives. The photographs were analyzed by the computers in NSA and the analysts were bewildered when it didn't show any buildup of military vessels in the seas of Maldives. The high-resolution photos showed the huge dish of the Dhiraagu Earth Station.

At the same time in United States, a Pentagon official was investigating why the node in Maldives has gone alert. He should have received the same ferry time table I had sent. Major General Ambaree must have taken some phone calls from Pentagon. The Pentagon official asked “who has done that?” and Major General Ambaree must have said “a boy called Naheez who is a private soldier working in Police and who is now based in Villingili". The official probably asked whether I had any computing history and Major General Ambaree must have said that “this is our problem and the boy hasn’t got any knowledge in computers". The official must have said that’s amazing. He must have said that maybe he sent it to tell them the times he visits that island and comes from that island or maybe he hacked it or maybe he just send it in pure innocence. The official said “a criminologist needs to have a look at him and talk to him”. Major General Ambaree agreed and the US Department of Defense sent a professor of criminology to Maldives to have look at me and talk to me.

When the matter was cleared, the MNDF computer connected itself to the FOLDS computer and the Earth Station staff came to be aware of this a little later. The FOLDS computer got restarted when it installed software from the MNDF computer which was downloaded to it from Pentagon servers. It must have send a fax to FOLDS saying something like “Congratulations, you are now connected to the MNDF Defense system” together with the ferry time table I had sent. It was a hand shake form the MNDF computer. From then on, the FOLDS computer automatically sends to the MNDF computer every fax it receives. The FOLDS system in Dhiraagu's Earth Station Department in Villingili started to send instantly all the fax documents it receives from across the world to the MNDF Communications monitoring computer systems round the clock and the faxes began printing in the Panasonic® fax machine of Communications. 

The monitoring computers in Pentagon and its node in Maldives sent a false alarm because of the following circuitous route the fax I had send to FOLDS was routed. When I sent the fax, it went as a fax data signal through Dhiraagu's telephone exchange to the MNDF computer which up linked the fax signal to a US military satellite in space above Maldives and through that satellite it went to another satellite above United States and hence to the US Army communications monitoring center in Pentagon. The fax data signal then returned back to Maldives and then it went to the FOLDS computer system in Dhiraagu's Earth Station which up linked the signal to another telecommunications satellite through which it went across the globe from computer to computer, earth station to earth station, up linked/down linked from satellite to satellite, in different countries to the main systems of Britain's Cable and Wireless PLC. The signal then arrived back to Dhiraagu's Earth Station on the same circuitous route and then to the FOLDS system which created the technical report and sent back the report with the original ferry time table to the MNDF Villingili fax machine. But before the fax arrived back, it has gone through the Pentagon monitoring systems through the MNDF computer. The MNDF computer has obtained the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of the computer systems it was routed from the meta data of the fax data signal and it showed the IP addresses of several foreign countries of the world. Both the Pentagon and MNDF systems determined that this is a major invasion of the Maldives by a foreign country.

The normal procedure in sending and receiving faxes is to send the document and wait for the receiving party to read it and keep the fax document or send a reply document to the sender after hours or days. It's very unusual that a fax goes across the world from computer to computer in different countries and returning back within less than a minute and that's what has happened to the ferry time table fax I had sent to Dhiraagu FOLDS. The military monitoring computer systems in Pentagon and its node in MNDF is programmed to detect and go to alert and under attack mode if a fax document is routed from different countries of the globe and returning to the originating fax machine because the systems determine that as a hostile and a threat to the defense and security systems of Pentagon and MNDF.

Many things occurred after this incident. First a very heavy safe was brought to our base in Villingili. It was a safe containing weapons and it was brought on a day I was on leave for the off period. When I came back to Villingili they told me that there is a weapons safe brought in.

Lhabey than advised me not to test the fax machine and showed me the copies of the reports which FOLDS sends which I had kept under the table drawer. I told him I won’t fax again. The MNDF Communications than began tapping our phone calls. Although we were away from Male’, the phone line and fax line went through Dhiraagu to the Communications main distribution frame and then to the multiplexer and to the computer which monitors the communication traffic. Whenever we make a phone call or receive a phone call the Communications staff will know about it.

One night, Haneef was using the fax machine and was on a phone call. Warrant Officer Nashid of Police Administration called Villingili phone and asked Lhabey why the fax machine was engaged. He was alerted by the MNDF Communications that the fax line was engaged and they were listening to the conversation on the fax machine. Lhabey told Warrant Officer Nashid that Haneef was in a phone call and they sometimes uses the fax machine as a telephone. Warrant Officer Nashid told that the fax machine of Police was damaged and they need the Villinigili fax machine for a few days. It was not true.

The fax machine in our base in Villingili was in fact taken to the MNDF Communications and the remote tad ID feature or device in the fax machine was disabled. This was a required feature to fax to the FOLDS computer. It was a test to me. Whether to see I was able to fax again.

One night when the fax machine was brought back, I again sent the ferry time table to FOLDS. It never returned. So, I called Dhiraagu’s fault desk 195 and asked them about it. Dhiraagu’s fault desk 195 was also based in Villingili. The technician who spoke to me was very cheerful. He told me that I had to enable the remote tad ID device after consulting the fax machines documentation manual. I gave my thanks and hung up. I never faxed again.

Than one Saturday, while I was on duty with Aadhil, the professor of criminology came to Villingili to have a look at me. There was a special food menu brought in so that the professor can have lunch in our base. He came with Corporal Fayaz who is known commonly as FA. Corporal Fayaz came and said to me and Aadhil to have a chat with the professor. He was bearded and elderly. He wore a T-shirt and long shorts. I went to the professor and kindly and politely asked “sir which subject you teach?”. He replied that he is a professor of criminology in an Australian University. In reality, he is a distinguished professor of criminology in a US University which does scientific investigation in to criminal cases. I told him that I have studied mathematics with very good results.

Then Corporal Fayaz called and the professor went to take lunch. Meeshag and Lhabey went inside the mess to take lunch with him. The professor did what he was an expert of. He asked Meeshag and Lhabey “who is that good looking boy who spoke to me outside?”. Meeshag told to him “he is Naheez”. The professor started to comment on how handsome I was and started to talk about me. Meeshag and Lhabey was very disturbed by this. The professor applauded me. I was very handsome and attractive during those years of 1996.

The professor left our base with Corporal Fayaz and Lhabey and Meeshag called to me and told me to go and have lunch. They were shaken. Lhabey said “Naheez, know that we won’t eat without giving to you”. I went inside the mess and ate the fish and chips and drank the fresh orange juice and enjoyed the good meal.

The professor of criminology then met the senior MNDF officers and Police officers and defense ministry officials and told them that I am a prince. He said that I am very intelligent. They asked “why did he sent a time table, he even could be a hacker who had alerted the MNDF computer and alerted a military computer in the USA and alerted the FOLDS computer in Dhiraagu?”. The professor replied “he doesn’t know what he did, he told he had studied mathematics. That’s the reason he sent a time table”. This caused many things to happen in Police.

Firstly, Sergeant Abdulla Riyaaz who had done the Officers Basic Intelligence Course in Pakistan in 1993 was made the operations In Charge and Sergeant Faseeh was transferred to Special Investigations Section (SIS). The next thing to happen was a girl called Amira which is an Arabic name meaning princess was forced to join MNDF and put to work in Police. This girl was about 17 years old and I was 19 years old. The defense ministry this deliberately to monitor me about what the professor had said.

The next thing that happened was Brigadier Adam Zahir himself visited our base in Villingili. I was again on leave for the off day and the Brigadier asked how everyone is. Lhabey said “one boy is having trouble". Farooq intervened the conversation and told the Brigadier how I was behaving. He told “he goes out in the middle of the night and hangs around near the beach”. The Brigadier was concerned. He knew it was me since everybody was present except me. He asked whether I knew how to swim. They said yes. Then the Brigadier went for a sightseeing visit to the populated area of Villingili. Lhabey was with him.

The professor of criminology gave some lectures to some home ministry officials and Police staff as requested by the Maldivian government. He then left Maldives and returned to USA and told the Pentagon officials about his findings regarding me.

I was very abused by Meeshag and others while I was in Villinigili. One night they made some one call to Villingili and that person told that he had seen some one entering the jungle area near Dhiraagu. I took a radio and a torch and rode by bicycle to the wooded area. While I was about to enter they called me on radio and told me to return. When I had returned they kept a bucket and lighted torch inside to make it appear luminous and they did this to scare me. They kept it near the bushes down the beach area of our base. I didn’t sleep that night.

A day for an inspection came and we cleaned the whole base. Warrant Officer Nashid and some other officers of MNDF came for the inspection. They said we had failed the inspection. That same night Sergeant Abdulla Riyaaz came with Lance Corporal Shiyam of patrol 4 to Villingili. He was very excited and told us that communications is monitoring the phone calls of Police and appropriate action will be taken to those who make unnecessary phone calls. He had been told about what I had done.

He asked us about what we all want. Meeshag made a lot or requests but I asked only for daily newspapers brought in. Sergeant Abdulla Riyaaz told us that he would transfer all of us to Male’ soon and every two months a new batch will come to duty at Villingili. He said he needs Meeshag as his assistant soon and Lhabey will be transferred to Police for normal duties. A fresh batch came to Villingili in mid-July. Only Aadhil, Najih and I stayed behind as we were only one month in Villingili. They were Farish Thoha, Adam Naseer who was a second cousin of me, Mujuthoba who was in SEC with me, Shameem, Fayaz and Lance Corporal Abdulla Naseer who was the NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) and who was from my patrol 1. They would disturb and abuse me a lot.

I was disturbed when I was sleeping at night. Than one day Lance Corporal Naseer went to Male’ for a break and again Lance Corporal Azeez came to Villingili to be NCO In Charge while he was away. That night Warrant Officer Nashid called to Villingili and said to Lhabey that he is coming for a fishing trip that night. Corporal Muneer came with him and he came to our base and slept that night. Warrant Officer Nashid didn’t come to our base. Corporal Muneer lives in Warrant Officer Nashid’s house in Male’ and his father is a friend of Warrant Officer Nashid’s father. Corporal Muneer came to Villingili to spy on me. But he saw nothing but abuses committed to me.

As time went by, I told all of them that I would take revenge on my final day at Villingili. August 1996 came and I went to Male’ on the day before my last day in Villingili. It was 5 August. I came back that night with a bottle of coconut oil and I rubbed oil on my whole body and put a short and started to disturb everyone. I poured water on the faces of those who were sleeping and they were mad with anger. Finally, I stopped at around 1230 mid night and had a shower and removed the oil which was on my skin. But they were angry with me and they tied my hands and legs. Adam Naseer my second cousin did this to me. Farish Thoha fingered my anus without removing my clothes and I screamed and cried for help. But nobody helped me. They kept sexually harassing me that night. The next day 6 August, I left to Male’ and after one day of resting in my home I resumed my normal duties in patrol.



CAST (Excluding myself)

Officers of Maldives National Defense Force

- Lieutenant General Ambaree Abdul Sattar (From 1978 - 2005)

         Deputy Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Maldives
         Minister of State for Defense and National Security, Maldives

- Major General Mohamed Zahir (From 1978 - 2008)

         Chief of Defense Forces, MNDF

- Major General Adam Zahir (From 1978-2008)

         Commissioner of Police, Maldives Police Service
         Vice Chief of Defense Forces, MNDF

- Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel (From 1980-2012)

        Chief of Defense Forces, Integrated Headquarters, MNDF

- Brigadier General Ahmed Naeem Mohamed (From 1978-2009)

        Commandant Integrated Headquarters, MNDF
        Commandant Fire and Rescue Service, Integrated Headquarters, MNDF

- Brigadier General Ibrahim Didi (From 1979-2012)

        Commandant Male' Area, MNDF

- Colonel Adam Manik (induction date not known - retired in 2012)

        Commanding Officer of Ammunition and Ordnance section, MNDF

Maldives Police Service (Former section of MNDF from 1979 - 2004)

 - Ahmed Faseeh - Commissioner of Police  (From 1990 - 2012)

 - Abdullah Riyaz - Commissioner of Police  (From 1989-2013)
 - Ibrahim Fayaz - Deputy Commissioner of Police  (From 1991-2010)
 - Ahmed Muneer - Deputy Commissioner of Police  (From 1989-2012)
 - Shiyam - Superintend of Police  (From 1993 - still in service)
 - Ahmed Nashid  - MNDF Lieutenant  (From 1989-2000)
 - Meeshag - Inspector of Police  (From 1994 - still in service)
 - Shameem - Inspector of Police  (From 1995 - still in service)
 - Mohamed Aadhil - Police Chief Station Inspector  (From 1995-2017)
 - Fayaz - Police Chief Station Inspector  (From 1992 - still in service)
 - Amira - MNDF teenage girl recruit (From 1996-2001)

Maldives National Defense Force, Kaafu Villingili Unit (Police)

   - Staff Sergeant Azeez (deceased)

   - Lance Corporal Abdullah Naseer
   - Lance Corporal Mujuthoba
   - Lance Corporal Farish Thoha
   - Private Farooq
   - Private Haneef
   - Private Najih
   - Private Adam Naseer (deceased)

National Security Service was formed in January 1979 and Police Headquarters was a section of National Security Service (NSS) till 2004. In September 2004 Police Headquarters of NSS was split and made a civilian law enforcement authority under the Ministry of Home Affairs and adopted the name Maldives Police Service. In 2005 the name of NSS was changed to Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) but still it comes under the Ministry of Defense and National Security. National Disaster Management Center which was formed in 2005, National Counter Terrorism Center formed in 2015, and Aviation Security Command formed in 2016 are the only three other government offices/departments which comes under the Ministry of Defense and National Security.

-List of known US officials-

- United States Secretary of Defense William James Perry who was informed as a routine about the alert in Pentagon and MNDF. -

- Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Shalikashvili (deceased), United States Army.
He was alerted and he ordered further investigation of the alert in Pentagon and MNDF.

After the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy monitoring, security, and surveillance systems has ensured within a few days that the Maldives was not on an offensive military invasion by any country of the world, the chiefs of USAF, Army, and Navy reported to General John Shalikashvili that it's just an unusual false alarm. General John Shalikashvili than pressed the "safe mode" button on the Pentagon's computer systems in the presence of the US Army general officer in command of military systems for the South Asia region.  Within milliseconds the Pentagon military defense systems reset itself and a "green status" propagated across the globe of the United States military bases, satellites in space, and navy fleets.

The NSA supercomputers supplied the required software's through their satellites to the US military node in Maldives, accessing through the firewalls and opening the required ports of the MNDF computer and the MNDF systems send packets to the Microsoft® Windows® 3.1 based FOLDS computer in Dhiraagu's Earth Station in Villingili which restarted and got connected to the MNDF computer and through it to the Pentagon's main military systems. -

- Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Ralston, United States Air Force.
He was informed about the alert in Pentagon and MNDF. -

- Chief of Staff United States Army General Dennis Joe Reimer, United States Army.
He received the alert in Pentagon and MNDF.

He ordered US Army communications and monitoring staff in Pentagon to tap the phone calls of MNDF Villingili unit and take my covert photos using the Motorola® Saber™ system's inbuilt security cameras and also ordered to obtain satellite photo and video imagery of Villingili MNDF unit. -

- Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jay L Johnson, United States Navy.
He was informed about the alert in Pentagon and MNDF.

He ordered US Navy fleets in the Indian Ocean to change course and head for the Maldives. Upon his orders, the destroyers, cruisers, submarines, and aircraft carriers changed their direction and began heading for the Maldives at maximum knots. The on board computers in the US Navy fleets had already received the alert in Pentagon and in MNDF and was waiting for Admiral Jay L. Johnson to authorize alteration of course. Within hours the navy fleets started to patrol around the seas of Maldives observing the surface and underwater for vessels and submarine activity. When aircraft carriers of the US Navy fleets were in the vicinity of Maldives, F-18 Hornet interceptor jets took off from the aircraft carriers activating afterburner to Mach 1.8 to reach Maldives airspace as soon as possible. The US Navy fleets surrounded the Maldives in different protective locations. –

- Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Ronald Fogleman, United States Air Force.
He was informed about the alert in Pentagon and MNDF.

When General Ronald Fogleman received the alert in Pentagon and MNDF, the commanding general officer of USAF in Chagos Islands with the rank of either Brigadier General or above, ordered the listening/eavesdropping and cryptography staff in the strategic USAF base to scan the spectrum of the telecommunications frequencies on-air in Maldives and immediately forward/digitally stream live the on-air conversations to Pentagon's USAF cryptography departments through scrambled secure line.

General Ronald Fogleman instantly alerted and authorized the strategic USAF airborne flights in the sky nearby Maldives to change altitude and course and head for the Maldives. Within a hour the USAF aircrafts were hovering in the sky above and close to Maldives scanning and monitoring the airspace with surveillance radars. –

- Commandant of the Marine Corps General Charles Chandler Krulak, United States Marine Corps.
He was informed about the alert in Pentagon and MNDF.

General Charles C. Krulak ordered US Marines in Chagos Islands to be on alert. Upon his orders the US Marine Corps commanding general officer in Chagos Islands with the rank of Major General or above ordered the elite units of the Marine Corps to be prepared for an offensive land invasion of the capital of Male', Maldives. He showed the Marine Corps troops computerized maps of Bandaara Koshi and Kalhuthukalaa Koshi, the two main bases of MNDF in Male'. The troops were ready to board their military amphibious landing hovercraft's and prepared their binoculars, scuba diving gear, and assault/combat weaponry. The US Navy fleets patrolling the waters of Maldives submerged mini subs to monitor for underwater offensive shoals of divers and submarine activity close to Male'. -

Commander of United States Pacific Command Admiral Joseph W. Prueher, United States Navy.
 He was informed about the alert in Pentagon and MNDF.

He ordered US Troops in Chagos Islands to be on standby status and the surveillance radars in Chagos Islands began observing the air/sea space of Maldives. Long range reconnaissance jet aircrafts of USAF took off from Chagos Islands and began probing the ocean of Maldives with sonar/underwater surveillance radar for submarine activity and also surface build up for naval ships while at the same time observing the air space around Maldives but without entering the Maldivian air space. -

- Director of the National Security Agency and Central Security Service Lieutenant General Kenneth A. Minihan, United States Air Force. He was instantly alerted and he ordered immediate examination of the military monitoring systems in Pentagon and MNDF. –

- Director of the Office of Naval Intelligence Rear Admiral Micheal W.Cramer, United States Navy. He was informed about the alert in Pentagon and MNDF.

He ordered an operation to obtain my photographs and videos. After I have returned to Male' from Villingili, and when I was on duty in Patrol 1 on an early evening in mid August 1996, I was told to report to the jetty in front of the Coast Guard Building. I boarded a speed boat and there was a Warrant Officer from Coast Guard and some other MNDF soldiers from different units. We all went to a French Coast Guard ship and there were some other small coast guard ships in the small fleet which has arrived to Male' on a friendly visit. We boarded the main gray colored vessel and was welcomed on board by a white uniformed naval officer whose features were of East Asian and Oriental looks. I thought he was Chinese but he said he is an officer of the French Coast Guard. We were shown around the ship and I was excited when a helicopter landed on the helipad ramp of the huge ship. The officer showed around a high caliber firing gun and when I looked around the ship, it had the French flag hoisted on its flag post. After thirty minutes of talking to us and answering our questions we all were taken to a small mess in the kitchen of the ship and given a refreshment of fruit juice. After that we shook hands with the officer who has shown us and returned to Male' and I went back to the Police building in MNDF.

In reality neither the people in the ships nor the ships belonged to the French Coast guard. It was just a temporary disguise by the Office of Naval Intelligence. This was a surveillance operation by the Office of Naval Intelligence to take my photos and videos among other things. When I spoke, my voice was recorded and the vocal range obtained in a cabin by a group of US Naval Intelligence officers and they were taking high-resolution and high-definition photos and videos when I was in different locations using very advanced electronic surveillance equipment inside the cabin. My movements and how I walked and my features were monitored very carefully by the surveillance equipment inside the cabin. The coast guard fleet was in fact a fleet of US Coast Guard. The glass mug I had drank the fruit juice was separated and my right hand finger prints and the cells of my hand was extracted to get the DNA profile of my body. The drops of saliva of my lips when I drank the fruit juice from the mug and the cells of the skin of my lips were also profiled for extraction of DNA and all the photos/videos and forensic samples including sample recordings of my voice were taken to the United States for further analysis in the Pentagon.

The US Coast Guard fleet departed Male' and then the officers and sailors changed their insignia and put on US Navy uniforms and when the fleet was about to depart the sea borders of the Maldives, the French flags was removed and the national flag of the United States was hoisted on the flag posts. The fleets sailed directly to the United States with my forensic samples,photos/videos, and voice recordings and Rear Admiral Micheal W.Cramer personally debriefed the naval intelligence officers.

The US Department of Defense requires these information and forensic samples to keep in their records and files regarding me because I had caused a major alert in the defense systems of the Pentagon.

Non of the MNDF service men who visited that ship in August 1996 knew actually what was going on and the only people who knew in MNDF were the senior high ranking officers of the MNDF. –

- Senior US Army officer with the rank of Major General who is in command of US military monitoring/surveillance and communications equipment in South Asia region.

He resides in Pentagon and made the phone calls in secure line to Maldives. -

- Professor of criminology in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice in University of Maryland, College Park.

The US Department of Defense consults him in very unusual cases. He is now very old and retired from work. -

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Explanatory Notes:

The satellites used by the US military is manufactured and put to space by The Boeing® Company and the satellites used by Dhiraagu is manufactured by Inmarsat® PLC.

The countries which probably has the FOLDS system in the satellite earth stations include Hong Kong, Seychells, Kenya, countries in the Caribbean like Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Britain, and many other territories/countries including Maldives. It's through the satellite earth stations of these countries that the fax I had sent was routed from and back to Maldives.

The real identity of the US Army officer who telephoned in scrambled secure line to MNDF Integrated Headquarters in Bandaara Koshi and spoke to Major General Ambaree Abdul Sattar is not known. He is most probably an African American and his rank is Major General. He has several years of experience in military communications systems of the US Army. He is now about the age of mid sixties and retired but in constant touch with the present US Army General Staff. He is most probably now giving lectures to officer recruits in the US Military Academy West Point specializing in military communications/monitoring and surveillance equipment. The telephone calls made by him went directly through scrambled secure line from Pentagon to the US military satellites and to the MNDF computer systems and not through Dhiraagu telephone exchange.

The US Navy fleets patrolling around the globe has computers linked by military satellites in space. If the US Department of Defense is aware of an offensive attack against any country in the world, the computers in the navy fleets will go to alert and under attack mode and will wait for the Chief of Naval Operations to authorize a change of direction to that country under attack. A sudden and simultaneous change in the course/direction of the Navy fleets will require authorization by the Chief of Naval Operations.

The corresponding rank of Admiral is General and Rear Admiral is Major General in the US Armed Forces.

Event Locations and Approximate Dates:

- Thursday 6 June 1996 to Tuesday 6 August 1996 -

Villingili Telecommunications Complex
Dhivehi Raajeyge Gulhun PLC

Cable & Wireless Communications Ltd
Griffin House
161 Hammersmith Road
W6 8BS
United Kingdom

MNDF Villingili Police Unit

MNDF Integrated Headquarters
Bandaara Koshi           
Ameer Ahmed Magu         

Ministry of Defense and National Security
Ameer Ahmed Magu

Maldives Police Service 
Shaheed Hussain Adam Building
Boduthakurufaanu Magu   

U.S. Department of Defense
1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1400

National Security Agency
9800 Savage Rd.,Suite 6272
Ft. George. G.Meade, MD 20755-6000

U.S. Pacific Command
Box 64031
Camp H.M. Smith, HI 96861-4031

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
University of Maryland
7251 Preinkert Dr
College Park
MD 20742
- Wednesday 14 August 1996 -

MNDF Coast Guard  
Coast Guard Building   
Boduthakurufaanu Magu 

Office of Naval Intelligence
4251 Suitland Road Washington
DC 20395-5720

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