Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have spoken to MNDF head of intelligence Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam…here are the details…

About three weeks ago I called one night to MNDF Head Quarters and asked for their intelligence e-mail…They said they have to check it…I guessed an e-mail and send the link to this guessed e-mail ,the post of my blog to the abuses I received in NSS…The e-mail bounced as it was not a correct e-mail..
Than a week ago at 2330 hours of 26 March 2010 ( which was Friday night ) I called again to MNDF and asked for their intelligence e-mail address…They said they will have to check…I said I will call after an hour…
I called again at 0030 ( which was now 27 March ) and the soldier who had spoken before said that he is conversing with the section head and they send a tone to my phone which was not the intercom music played by a PABX ( if it  was it would be a sort of music )…The tone was like a “gin gin gin gin gin gin” sound and I was listening to it…Than the soldier connected and said to me to give my number and he will call in a minute…I gave him my no and waited…MNDF called me less than a minute…The soldier said he is in conversation with section head and send to my phone the same gin gin gin gin tone and I listened to it…Than the soldier said Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam, Head of Intelligence wants to talk to you and send again the gin gin gin gin tone…I was listening to the tone and connection was made to Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam…He was in stress and I can tell it from his voice…I spoke with him very politely and used the word sir…He asked my why you want the e-mail address of intelligence…I said I have a blog which has information which you might find interesting….I said I worked in NSS in 1995 to 1997 and I was abused a lot…He said which section I worked…I said I worked in Police…I said that I want him to read my blog which has a story of some fax I had send…He was interested…He gave me his personal e-mail and I wrote it down ( for safety reasons I won’t be giving details of his personal e-mail )…I gave my thanks to him and hung up…I sat with my computer and send the link to my blog:
I called MNDF and I told the soldier who took the call to tell Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam that I had sent the e-mail…The e-mail was read two days later….
My call to MNDF was tapped and recorded…It was a computer in MNDF communications which send the tone to my phone…AND MY CALL WAS VERY MUCH EXPECTED…hehehehehehehehehe

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