Monday, November 11, 2019

Advise of how to act of receiving calls from unregistered mobile numbers

Here is my suggestion to solve these scams which are criminal offenses of misusing and against the terms and conditions of provisions of telecoms service providers in Maldives.

For example if you receive fake calls and SMS that appears to be a unregistered number of Dhiraagu or Ooredoo, the best solution is to checking the directory inquiries through SMS and keep the SMS of reply in your phone together with the call log of the unregistered number or fake SMS you received.

Than visit either Dhiraagu or Ooredoo Customer Front office and register the unregistered number in your name and keep the registration and payment acknowledgement slips with you. This is very important to prove to Maldives Police Service that you registered the number after receiving a fake SMS/ Scam SMS or voice call...

This I think is the best way and solution to stop these unregistered calls and SMS problem some people are facing in Maldives...

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