Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wood Berry

I had a coffee in Wood Berry a moment ago, and I drank Nescafe'™ black coffee served with Taza mineral water...

I want to thank my old friend Shiyaz Adam very much...

I paid using my BML issued American Express™ (Amex™) debit card...

Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

(Location: Wood Berry...Date: Wednesday 12 February 2020...Time: 5:58 PM...Part of the day: Night...Weather: Nice and windy...Temperature: Cool/Pleasant)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Coffee Club®

The Coffee Club® is an Australian coffee franchise/brand/chain and I drank Americano™ coffee in The Coffee Club® in Hulhumale' ferry terminal sometime ago this noon today...

It's my second time here...

The coffee was delicious and refreshing brewed most probably in a coffee machine. The serving was bonaqua™ mineral water.

I want to thank my old friend Mohamed Shafeeq (Shafittey) very much...

:) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: The Coffee Club® Date: Sunday 9 February 2020...Time: 10:46 AM Part of the day: Noon...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Hot and pleasant)

Monday, February 3, 2020

King's Lounge

I had a espresso™ black coffee a moment ago in King's Lounge restaurant a moment ago.The view seems to be very royal. It's close by to my home.

It's been a long time since I hadn't had an expresso™ coffee and the last time I remember is 2008, that's 22 years ago. My favorite is alwas Nescafe™.

That was a life time ago when this world was completely a stranger to me and I didn't have any money.

By the grace of Allah, things had changed for me and I thank tonight my close old friend Mohamed Jubair (Zubair) so much that I am very happy and delighted. Thank you old friend.

Allah Akbar.Allah is great.

(Location: King's Lounge Date: Monday 3 February 2020. Time: 10:13 PM Part of the day: Night Weather: Nice Temperature: Very nice and cool and also very pleasant)

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Did IBM® Sierra™ supercomputer scanned the Maldives?

I have waited several months patiently to about write this...Now it's high time I break what's in my head for sometime and write about it...

Last year January 2019, I wrote an incident which happend in November 2018, the Windows™ 10 activation errors as a combined story of my tax return filing to MIRA.

It's only all inferences in my mind and to which I have a very high chance of being true..

After I had completed the courses I have done in IBM® Cognitive Class™, Cisco® Networking Academy, Oracle® DevGym™, and Google® Analytics Academy, I put the Credly® Your Acclaim™ badge issued to me by IBM® in this blog of mine. I have put the photos of the  certificates I had received from these huge corporations in my blog. These corporations are excellent including Adobe® Education Exchange™ (which I did later) and SoloLearn® (my very first online interactive course provider).

I made a post in Facebook® about IBM Sierra™ taken from Verge Science® video in YouTube™. I think someone bought a copy of my self published book "Military Computer Alert" and send it Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States (Amazon® CreateSpace™ and Amazon® Kindle™ Direct Publishing is not meant for Maldives and I will never know how many copies of my book sold or not, but the statistics provided to me show that not a single copy of my book was sold even after my own self marketing through paid advertising last year 2019 in Google® Ads and Microsoft® (Bing™) Advertisement).

My book was well read by several scientists in that huge laboratory which does scientific research in nuclear weapons and many other sciences.

Now this is what happened.

I had at Clouflare® level, using the Firewall, blocked some operating systems, certain types of devices including mobile/smart phones, certain people (how heart breaking it's and tears in my eyes, but I have no other choice) to deny the access to this blog of mine. I did this by setting in Cloudflare® the URI (Uniform Resource Indicator not to be confused for URL which is Uniform Resource Locator). I did this for the protection of my blogs. It had to certain access, reduced the traffic to my blog, and that had a positive success effect on reducing the mobile phone bills of some of my close friends of mine who are using accessive data and incurring a large phone bill each month.

Sierra™ is at the moment the second most powerful supercomputer in the world and  the system/machine is built by IBM® one of my favorite and most admired company's in the world. When the scientists of the above laboratory viewed my blog, Sierra™ automatically attempted to scan my blog (this blog) using virtualization of several known operating systems but Cloudlfare® denied access. So Sierra™ started to scan the websites of Maldives (that's what I call in scanning the Maldives) after accessing through Dhiraagu data center servers.

The MNDF had a news conference chaired by Minister of Defence of Maldives, Mariya Ahmed Didi, and some general officers of MNDF in the local television explaining to news media of Maldives that Sierra™ is now scanning the websites of Maldives. This happened after the devastating fire which happend near ADK Hospital earlier in September 2019. I saw like a blink of this interview that September 2019 but since I don't watch television I took no notice of it and went outside to have a smoke.

Than a few days later, a joint news conference was held by Maldives Police Service and MNDF, and I saw my old police friend and colleague Assistant Commissioner of Police Naveen, and I heard and saw him saying "that conference is now ongoing in CNN" and my father changed the channel to CNN in hour home cable TV, and I saw than incumbent U.S Secretary of Energy Rick Perry being interviewed.

I always love to talk to Dhiraagu customer service staff because they never get angry (unlike I had received anger calls on two occassions first in 2012 and last year 2019 but that's not Dhiraagu ) or shout at me and during one of these days (September 2019) to consult on something I called Dhiraagu 123 and the casual air was filled with excitement from the beautiful voices of the girls staff of Dhiraagu toll free local phone support. I think I felt like my heart beating very fast that day when those girls greeted me in phone support.

Then I submitted my BML provided digital bank account statments to Oracle® before signing up in the free tier of Oracle® Cloud as a token of good will and appreciation by my side to Oracle®, and that submission also created some news (I am not totally sure about this)  in certain media channels.

I hope I am forgiven this time also to the trouble I had caused. I never even thought to do such a thing and it was happening by the very nature of the things I do to learn at home using my computer and mobile smart phone.