Thursday, April 29, 2010

One year on Google’s Blogger…

This is my formal blog…Since 2003 I had my own web site…And since 2008 I had a blog…I write stories about myself in the intention that one day some foreign film maker or publisher may buy it from me for a substantial fee…All are true stories…I also write articles on computing, which is my keen interest in life…
Here are some of the most important ( I believe ) posts in this blog of mine:

Be warned that the above stories about my life are solely mine and you should not write about them or sell them to anyone without my prior consultation and approval!!!

Funny things that happened in Dharumavantha School…

lol…”None of your business”…That’s what I think a lot when I am there when in Dharumavantha School…

I never had a student complaint these past two years while I worked there…Nor a staff complaint…Of course I did a mistake in writing about the teachers and staff and making outrageous comments…That post was removed within 3 days…It is the only abuse I did to any body but it should be noted that most of them were happy about my comments…

On my first week in June 2008 at school I was wrongly and unfairly accused of misplacing the remote control of physics lab…I only brought the bio lab TV remote from physics lab but they accused me of losing the physics lab TV remote and I had to buy a remote and donated it to school…

The office staff tried a treachery…It is none of their business or concern for I being single…But they played an ugly game on me…I am very much angry about that…I won’t write it down because it would be very dirty to talk about things like that…

I had donated several computer books of world renowned authors to school library…Of course they are Indian imprints of US editions…I also provided the source code CD’s of these books…

Alhamdu lilaahi…I love Dharumavantha School…I love most of the staff and they all are kind hearted…Except PG Anil who hates me for no reason…All teachers and senior staff are good to me…THANKS DEAR LOVING ONES!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

25 April 2010...

Here are 2 photographs of me taken on 25 April 2010...One is taken in Skippy Food Corner in Carnival,the other is taken in my room...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have spoken to MNDF intelligence section again…


Yesterday I called MNDF to secure an appointment with the Head of Intelligence Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam…He was away from his desk and office and they said to call at 1000…I was very saddened about the turn of events in my office Dharumavantha and couldn’t place the call at the requested time…So I called again at 1100 and the soldier who spoke was disappointed…I explained to him my problems at office…He said to call after an hour…So I called at 1200 and this time still the Brigadier General was away…

Today I communicated by e-mail today as I was supposed to do…Head of Intelligence at MNDF Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam has given me his personal e-mail address ( which I won’t mention for security reasons )…

Later today I called MNDF again and asked  a message to be delivered to him…The soldier spoke to me on a routine procedure of who I am …I identified myself as Naheez Thawfeeg and the soldier passed my call IHQ Admin ( which I have no idea ) and a soldier spoke to me for a while and gave the phone to a lady ( again of course and MNDF service lady ) and she spoke to me and said she is routing my call to Intelligence Section…A more mature soldier took my call and I started to detail him about what I was up to…I told him that I have been abused and betrayed a lot during these so  many years…For example I told him that I was employed as an NSS Service Man in 17 August 1995 and that I got my employment slip 7 years later and that still was  a photocopy…I told him that I was booted from NSS for medical reasons and it is outrageous for not giving me my employment slip and chit….I gave him my service number ( which I won’t describe ) and he told me to give him my mobile number and he noted it down…I told him that I will reveal things which I haven’t spoken to anybody in 14 years in my blog ( read my blog post: ) …We talked for some more minutes and I gave my tnanks and hung up….!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog review…celebrating one year on Google’s Blogger….

I singed up for Blogger ( which is a google’s free service ) one year ago…Now it is time for me to review the posts I have made and provide the links to the posts….I will provide the posts of the first 2 months on Blogger since it is impossible to provide all the links of the posts and there brief descriptions….
                          ==  WARNING ==
Here are the links and the synoptic descriptions:
MAY  2009: 
    An none technical article on the history of the internet…But there are some computing technical terms and words used!!!

JUNE  2009    A story about Kk4rum   An article about IRC use is Maldives…It is not technical and it is intuitive!!!
    A short description about Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The song that keeps my morale...Dare sung by Stan Bush for the cartoon movie of 1986, Transformers: The movie

Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered
And there's nowhere to turn
You wonder how you keep going
Think of all the things that really mattered
And the chances you've earned
The fire in your heart is growing
You can fly, if you try leaving the past behind
Heaven only knows what you might find

Dare - dare to believe you can survive
You hold the future in your hand
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
It's time to take a stand
And you can win, if you dare

Everybody's trying to break your spirit
Keeping you down
Seems like it's been forever
But there's another voice if you'll just hear it
Saying it's the last round
Looks like it's now or never
Out of the darkness you stumble into the light
Fighting for the things you know are right

Dare - dare to believe you can survive
The power is there at your command
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
It's time to take a stand
And you can win, if you dare

Dare - dare to believe you can survive
You hold the future in your hand
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
The power is there at your command

Dare - dare to keep all your love alive
Dare to be all you can be
Dare - 'cause there is a place where dreams survive
And it's calling you on to victory

Why I am suspected to be an agent or spy?

I only behave like an agent or spy…
Of course it all started in 1996 when I absent mindedly alerted the Motorola computer of a threat against Maldives…I will tell these storied elaborately when I describe the abuses I received in NSS and after being booted from there…
Since 1996 I am 100 % convinced that my phone calls are tapped and the NSS and Police puts me in surveillance on certain days…I became surveillance conscious due to this.
In 1999 the Police betrayed me by getting involved and meddling on the affairs of a girl called Hawwa Samana to whom I tried to date…The first night I was to meet her and they flopped the meeting with that girl…I was outraged…
Next in 2003 / 2004 I was very famous in the Maldivian internet ( IRC of course ) and I tried to take a girl called Hawwa Samla ( whose father is Abdulla Zuhair and is martyr of 3 rd Novemeber 1988 coup and he was killed while on duty on Presidents Office ) as my girlfriend…Nobody helped me to win the bitch Hawwa Samla and her family double betrayed and abused me a lot…I found that Hawwa Samla’s background on my own without asking any questions to any body…I found that in mid 1999 I had called her cousin the wicked bitch Nuzuhath and she had betrayed me because of her current husband Chief Inspector of Police Mohamed Hameed…I INVESTIGATED ALL THIS WITHOUT ASKING ANY QUESTIONS AND ON MY OWN AND NOBODY HELPED ME…I did on my own and used only the resources available to me which was my mobile phone…And of course my mobile phone was tapped by the NSS and later MNDF…NOW I AM FINISHED WITH THIS ABUSIVE EVIL BITCH HAWWA SAMLA AND MAY ALLAH PUNISH HER FOR WHAT SHE DID TO ME…

Also in 2004 I back fired the jealous of Mohamed Shumais and how he and her family tried to wed me to that ugly nutty fart of theirs called Shamia…I never asked any question to any body…I saved my skin from the treachery of Shumais and her family by behaving like an agent of intelligence and I back fired on them their  morally wicked and evil plans…Shumais of Galolhu Riverin went mad…

I put to use ever time the resources available to me freely and with little charge when ever I want to accomplish a task…
The MNDF and Police always watched me and I know it and I am 100 % convinced about it but there is nothing I can do about it…It is abuse…I will write all about it and their flopped operations against me in my blog post: …My mobile phone is tapped and recorded…My computer is monitored and every thing I do is observed…AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT…May Allah forgive me my sins on the Day of Judgement… Alhamdu Lilaahi…

Friday, April 9, 2010

I am thinking of leaving Dharumavantha School…

The stress is too much to cope and I might break down if I go on like this…This whole year I haven’t done any meaningful work nor contributed anything fruitful to the school…I have become suspect as a spy or agent ( which I am not ) and I am undergoing scrutiny in everyway…

Tonight I have started to go through and read government gazette and look for a desk job which will suit me fine…That’s my talent…I can do paper work more enjoyably…

There is no one I will miss in Dharumavantha School as none were able to help me in solving my problems….The only two teacher’s I will remember are the Biology teachers  Hana and Fathun for their sincere kind heartedness and tender treatment towards me….MARK ONE!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have spoken to MNDF head of intelligence Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam…here are the details…

About three weeks ago I called one night to MNDF Head Quarters and asked for their intelligence e-mail…They said they have to check it…I guessed an e-mail and send the link to this guessed e-mail ,the post of my blog to the abuses I received in NSS…The e-mail bounced as it was not a correct e-mail..
Than a week ago at 2330 hours of 26 March 2010 ( which was Friday night ) I called again to MNDF and asked for their intelligence e-mail address…They said they will have to check…I said I will call after an hour…
I called again at 0030 ( which was now 27 March ) and the soldier who had spoken before said that he is conversing with the section head and they send a tone to my phone which was not the intercom music played by a PABX ( if it  was it would be a sort of music )…The tone was like a “gin gin gin gin gin gin” sound and I was listening to it…Than the soldier connected and said to me to give my number and he will call in a minute…I gave him my no and waited…MNDF called me less than a minute…The soldier said he is in conversation with section head and send to my phone the same gin gin gin gin tone and I listened to it…Than the soldier said Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam, Head of Intelligence wants to talk to you and send again the gin gin gin gin tone…I was listening to the tone and connection was made to Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam…He was in stress and I can tell it from his voice…I spoke with him very politely and used the word sir…He asked my why you want the e-mail address of intelligence…I said I have a blog which has information which you might find interesting….I said I worked in NSS in 1995 to 1997 and I was abused a lot…He said which section I worked…I said I worked in Police…I said that I want him to read my blog which has a story of some fax I had send…He was interested…He gave me his personal e-mail and I wrote it down ( for safety reasons I won’t be giving details of his personal e-mail )…I gave my thanks to him and hung up…I sat with my computer and send the link to my blog:
I called MNDF and I told the soldier who took the call to tell Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam that I had sent the e-mail…The e-mail was read two days later….
My call to MNDF was tapped and recorded…It was a computer in MNDF communications which send the tone to my phone…AND MY CALL WAS VERY MUCH EXPECTED…hehehehehehehehehe