Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Intel™ Parallel Studio XE

Since yesterday noon I have been trying to do this...Intel™ Parallel Studio XE is the software development kit (SDK) , C/C++ Compilers, from Intel™ ( Intel Corporation) and the software integrates with Microsoft™ Visual Studio 2017...This development environment will work best on Intel™ processors, chip sets, mother boards, and graphics cards by NVidia™...I use a Lenovo™ computer with Windows 10 Pro x64 with Intel™ processors and chips...I wrote a sample C++ program and successfully compiled the 64 bit code using the given Intel™ command line and using the switch "icl" to compile / link the program to .exe file and ran the program...As usual I praise Allah... I wrote Trademark symbol in the brands / companies here using the combination of "ALT" and "0153" and "Num Lock" keys to the right side edge of my computer keyboard... ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...( Location : Male'...Date : Tuesday 27 February 2018...Time : 4:00 PM...Part of the day : Early evening...Weather : Sunny...Temperature : Pleasant )