Monday, December 30, 2019

© Limp Bizkit - Underneath The Gun - Taken from YouTube™

This is to conclude this year 2019 video sharing from YouTube™...

All thanks are to Allah, the lord of worlds and all creatures...Peace be upon the final messenger our prophet Muhammad and his family and companions..

Life is good to me since the start of this year and to this end...Most of my friends are still having financial problems but I managed myself on my own...It had negligible effect on me and went almost unnoticed...I settled my obligatory payments like my bills to Dhiraagu, regisered my online store and kept paying to MIRA, received dividend payment from the two shares I own, one from my favorite and admired company Dhiraagu, and one share of my most favorite technology company Intel® which I simply admire on my own...

I did a lot of search using my favorite search engine provided for all us, and it's the good Google® which is like one can no longer live a suitable life in this connected world without it...Facebook® was excellent although my accounts get abused a lot...My SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) network was hacked about three times as I know it and my online systems were hacked twice...I can't stop it but had succeeded and regaining and securing my systems..Two Factor authneitication didn't work...Even the services provided by BML (Bank of Maldives Plc, which is a very good bank to me and all of us, thank you Dhiraagu and  BML) was hacked and the login credentials stolen...

Bank of Maldives Plc put me in a real life challenge and I have to learn to write computer programs and to do that, read the following paragraph... 

I had to do the courses which I completed, all of it was very tough but I managed to finish many courses with passing grades, and it was Sololearn®, IBM®, Cisco®, Oracle®, Google®, Coursera®, and Adobe® and indirectly Intel® and also Microsoft® (I didn't receive a certificate from Microsoft®) and I also did a Shaw Academy® course but I didn't receive a certificate..

I haven't gone to the neighboring island of Villingili (Villimale') this whole year and it's now about to be close to 2 years I haven't visited Villimale'...Also I haven't gone to the airport this year which I miss a lot, two places I like to visit very much but didn't had the opportunity...The next place I love visiting are hospitals but I wasn't sick that much...ADK Hospital was very good to me when I had a high fever and I had very little money but they allowed me to see a doctor in duty and when I took the medication the fever instantly went away...

I thank my parents and family and also my friends too...

đź’‹ thanks year 2019...

Now here is the song by © Limp Bizkit:

From today onwards I will put a © if there is a copyright claim and I am aware of it...

This is the song lyrics  taken from AZLyrics:

"Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy... I am my own worst enemy... other times when
I'm alone at night I definitely find myself in the position to be very unhappy with myself...
This is one of those times..."


I stare into space and hope we're not alone
Am I searching for something that's better than home?
I've been working so hard
Stress is tremendous and pressure is endless
No one on this planet like me to be friends with
I've been working so hard
I've been working so hard

I'm underneath the sun
And I'm underneath the gun

I'm losing my mind and I know there's no remedy
I've become a failure who's living on memories
I've been working so hard
Loneliness can't be cured with no medicine
Look to the stars so they'll straighten my head again
I've been working so hard
I've been working so hard

I'm underneath the sun
And I'm underneath the gun
I'm a fool to think the blame goes away
Such a fool to take the blame and run away

Yeah, I'm underneath the sun
And I'm underneath the gun
I'm a fool to think the blame goes away
Such a fool to take the blame and run away

I beat up myself, I
Lock my own way, I
Cloud all my thoughts
Please go away
Oh, nevermind me
I'm checking out now
And won't ever come back
Now that my life doesn't exist

Yeah, you're right, how do it feel to be right, knowing that I was wrong?
Nothing is right when you're wrong

Yeah, you're right, how do it feel to be right, knowing that I was wrong?
Nothing is right when you're wrong

Yeah, I'm underneath the sun
And I'm underneath the gun
I'm a fool to think the blame goes away
Such a fool to take the blame and run away

I'm a fool to think the blame goes away
Such a fool to take the blame...

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Usfasgandu cleaning nearly complete

I came back home just now after taking these photos in Usfasgandu...

The remaining Chinese workers are cleaning Usfasgandu where their temporary accomodation blocks and project office had been built and all have been finally dismantled...Most of the Chinese engineers and other technical staff has probably left Male' and Maldives...They have done their job and now going to leave Maldives...

Usfasgandu is a place and part of my life very much...The whole area has changed very rapidly of the bridge project...Since 1997 I have been visiting the break waters in this part of my home neighborhood...And it was in 2001 I remember Usfasgandu was opened...

The Chinese staff has served our beloved country Maldives brilliantly...They did what they came for without any interruption...Now they are finally departing and saying good bye to Maldives...Thank you very much CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company Ltd of China...

History has been made in Maldives...The first bridge of Maldives...

Allah Akbar....Allah is great...(Location: Usfasgandu...Date: Thursday 26 December 2019...Time: 4:24 PM...Part of the day: Early evening...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Cool)

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Late night coffee in Krusties

Just now came home from Krusties...

I had Nescafe'™ black coffee (which is a brand name/product owned by Nestle'®) and drank BonAqua™ (a brand and mineral water product owned by Coca-Cola®) bottled in Maldives with licensing to Male' Aerated Water Company Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Universal Enterprises Pvt Ltd in Maldives and smoked Camel™ Blue cigarettes (a brand/product owned by Japan Tobacco International®)...The flashlight of my phone was switched off when I took these selfies and photos...

I am now concluding a sort of celebration but it's not good news for myself either...I have received news last week Sunday by the reviewers of the National Bureau of Classification that my self-published book cannot be approved...That means I can't sell it or circulate it in Maldives...No problem at all...My book "Military Computer Alert" doesn't harm or defames anyone in the Maldives, nor does anyone has reacted to the fact that the book is not true...I think my book brought changes to a certain extent in the Maldives but there is no way to prove it as I don't watch much television or listen to the local or international media...

I had to accept the fact that my book failed to achieve success...I did a small self-marketing in Google® Search earlier this year and when it was close to Ramallan I did advertising in Microsoft® Ads...The outcome was the sales statistics provided to me by Amazon® says no copies of neither eBook or paperback was sold...

I think in September this year 2019 my book again changed some things in the Maldives when I did the free courses from IBM®, Cisco®, Oracle® and Google® with news conferences but I nearly never saw the conferences because I don't watch cable television and can only make a guess which has a very high likely hood of being true..That was when I had shared in social media about Verge Science® YouTube™ video of Sierra™ the second most powerful supercomputer in the world as of 2019...

Everything I did now has gone to waste and I have to shift my online business to some other type of business...As I can't sell my book online, I intend to sell small computer and mobile phone accessories like USB flash pendrives and MicroSD cards in my own online store...


Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: Male'...Date: Tuesday 17 December 2019...Time: 1:22 AM...Part of the day: End of midnight...Weather: Nice and cool winds...Temperature: Very Pleasant)

Monday, December 16, 2019

Green Bell Restaurant

I had a coffee for the very first time in Green Bell Restaurant...I drank Nescafe'™ black coffee with Life™ mineral water...

These days it's not hot in Male' and it's very windy and cool...

Today is Monday 16 December 2019 and it was 1:48 PM when I had coffee...



Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalamee...Praise be to Allah our lord

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sunset time in Usfasgandu

I took these photos and selfies in Usfasgandu and the sun has set for Male' and it's now Maghrib Prayer time...

Today is Thursday 12 December 2019...


Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen...Praise be to Allah our lord...

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

2019 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony - Taken from YouTube™


 Join us live from the Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden as the 2019 Nobel laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, and Economic Sciences receive their medals and diplomas.

Intel® Corporation pays me dividend for the fourth quarter 2019

I have been paid US $ 0.33 as the dividend of the 1 share/stock I own of Intel® Corporation through my U.S. stock broker DriveWealth® LLC...

I own 1 share/stock of Intel® Corporation which I first bought in late 2017 traded at NASDAQ® through DriveWealth® LLC which is a stock broker and wealth management firm in U.S.A.


Today is Tuesday 10 December 2019 and it's now 3:36 PM late afternoon...

This completes my sharing in social media of my own dividend history for Intel® Corporation (NASDAQ® ticker symbol INTC™).

It was a very tough work in 2017 when I searched in Google® for a broker to buy shares of U.S. technology companies...After non stop search, Google® shifted for me the search for JStock® and DriveWealth® and I submitted my Maldivian Passport photos and depoistied 10 US$ to my DriveWealth® online account and they electronically and remotely opened my investment account after deducting a processing and handling charge of about 5 US$.

Now I own 1 share of my all time favorite company Dhiraagu and favorite technology company Intel® Corporation...I don't intend to buy new shares but to keep these shares for myself.

Intel® Corporation shares have now climbed to 58 US$ and I bought the share again in December 2018 for about 47 US$.

Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen...Praise be to Allah our lord...