Saturday, December 7, 2019

Paid the trade fee of December for my online store

I a moment ago paid the trade fee of December 2019 for my online store "Naheez" to MIRA, in my first name is my online store, so is also my business registered in my first name...

The online store is still under development at and I am not sure when I will complete this project...

I want to thank my old friends Zubair and Shiyaz very much...

This is the last time I am going to share this on social media ...This year will end soon...So I believe I have done what I wanted, but still each month, if I am alive by the will of Allah, I will keep paying the trade fee to MIRA, of my online store...


Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen....Praise be to Allah our lord

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Beautiful sunny afternoon

Today the weather is sunny and beautiful with no rain...

I took these photos near Dharubaaruge and Usfasgandu...The steel accomodation blocks built for the bridge project is been dismantled and cleaned by the remaining Chinese staff.

The sunshine was beautiful and the sea and ocean was glittering with the sunshine...It's not that hot...


Today is 3 December 2019 Tuesday and it was 3:29 PM late afternoon when I took these photos...

Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

Monday, December 2, 2019

Bought the calendar for new year 2020 and made prints

This year 2019 is going to end and last night I bought the calendar for the new year 2020 from Knowledge Bookshop infront of Children's Park for just 25 MVR.

I made prints of some of the letters I have written using computers in my home, which started in 2005.

As I believe that all my cases are now complete and nothing to do any more, these letters need to be printed and filed...I bought seven files from Knowledge Bookshop costing 20 MVR each...I have many clear holders in which I had already put and preserve all my personal doucments some of which are lamintated...

I made the prints from Rock Prints which is close to my home and the first set of letters I printed last night costed 80 MVR, it was 18 letters.

I want to thank my old friend Ali Naseem very much.


Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen...Prasie be to Allah our lord.

Saturday, November 30, 2019


For the very first time, I had a dinner treat in KFC® in Maldives.

My close old friend Shafittey gave me a choice of having coffee or a tea (dinner) and suggested KFC® and I said "yes".

Friday night 29 November 2019


Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen...Praise be to Allah our lord