Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Usfasgandu has been cleaned and opened for the public

I just now came home from Usfasgandu which has now been cleaned and opened for the public.

Since 1997 this part of Male' is very much a part of my life and almost each and every day I visit here during the early evenings or at night and sometimes even after midnight if I am awake and not sleeping.

Usfasgandu was closed and occupied by the Chinese workers and they had made history in our beloved country Maldives. It's the bridge that made history. The very first ever bridge connecting two islands through the ocean. Vision 2020 has been made in our Maldives.

I took these photos and there was no sign of workers cleaning the sand or doing other works. Beach sand has been spread from the east side upto the west side where people and children enjoy roller skateing and even excercising in the early morning. It's a smooth and spread cement floor like structure. On the street side of Usfasgandu, small trees has been planted and I have seen the workers watering the small trees and coconut palms trees.



Allah Akbar...Allah is great

(Location: Usfasgandu Date: Wendesday 26 February 2020.Time: 6:36 PM. Part of the day: Early evening/night...Weather: Nice.Temperature: Cool)

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Printed the Intel® course certificate

I just now printed and laminated the Intel® course certificate which I got earlier today...


Allah Akbar...Allah is great

(Location: Male'...Date: Tuesday 25 February 2020..Time: 5:36 PM...Part of the day: Early evening...Weather: Nice...Temperature: Cool)

First Intel® course completed and got certificate

This is my first ever Intel® course completed directly through Intel® website (I had done a previous course at Coursera® )...

I wanted to do this course since August last year 2019 and had already downloaded my course materials including software like Anaconda® (
and I had to play with Jupyter® lab environmeant locally through my computer as well as in Intel® DevCloud™ where I registered a trial period.

The course is AI From the Data Center to the Edge ( ) and I began yesterday afternoon.

Now I know a bit about AI (Artifical Intelligence).

Intel also give me a credential at Accredible® and the links are: and the certificate is at :

:) wow

Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

(Location: Male'...Date: Tuesday 25 February 2020...Time: 1:01 PM...Part of the day: Afternoon...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Warm)

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Business Expo ' 20

Corporate Maldives is helding Business Expo ' 20 today 23 February 2020 and tomorrow. I took these photos inside Dhraubaaruge where it's being held. I visited the HDFC stall and my close friend of HDFC Ahmed was sitting and manning the stall at that time.

There is lot of stalls and all the halls of Dharubaaruge is occupied.

I had to scan a QR code using my Samsung Galaxy A70 phone code to register and this is the very first time I did that.

:) wow

Allah Akbar.Allah is great.

(Location: Dharubaaruge.Date : Sunday 23 February 2020. Time: 4:36 PM...Part of the day: Early evening...Weather: Mostly sunny...Temperature: Cool)