Saturday, February 15, 2020

Daybreak in bridge viewing platform

Last night I nearly didn't sleep and woke up very early at 9:30 PM in the night from a nap...These days sleep is not good and I mostly sleep in the day time...

After praying the Fajr Prayers in Furuqaan Mosque in the prayer gathering, I went to the bridge viewing platform and took these photos of the daybreak. An aircraft is seen landing in Veylaana International Airport and a speed boat crossed the bridge beneath it, the very first time I saw a launch or any other vessel crossing the bridge down form it.

A kitten came and rested on the thigh of my left leg and I kept it on my legs for sometime, and then made movements and it climbed back...


:)  Allah Akbar.Allah is great.

(Location: Bridge viewing platform. Date: Saturday 15 February 2020...Time: 5:47 AM...Part of the day: Daybreak...Weather: Nice...Temperature: Cool)

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