Saturday, August 22, 2020

Early evening sun seen from Usfasgandu

 A moment ago I was in Usfasgandu and took the photos of the early evening sun...I was on the east end of Usfasgandu...

The scene was breath taking...


Allah Akbar...Allah is great

(Location: Usfasgandu...Date: Saturday 22 August 2020...Time : 5:43 PM...Part of the day: Early evening...Weather : Sunny...Temperature: Cool)



Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sultan Park and Barista

I took photos in the evening of Tuesday 11 August 2020...That night I took photos of Sultan Park. 
Today I had a coffee in Barista which is nearby to MPL (Maldives Ports Limited). 
 I am having a lot of financial trouble these days because of COVID-19 and have temporarily suspended my Microsoft™ 365 (formerly Office 365)subscription and informed my internet and communication service provider and favorite company Dhiraagu about it...It's the very first ever online systems I had to close due to the COVID-19 effect... 
 Allah Akbar...Allah is great
 (Location: Sultan Park/Barista...Date: Tuesday 11 August 2020 / Sunday 16 August 2020...Time: 6:40 PM / 2:47 PM...Part of the day: Night / Afternoon...Weather: Nice / Cool...Temperature: cool / cool )

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Second edition of my self-published book released

I tried to release the second edition of my self-published book "Military Computer Alert" yesterday which was Friday and Eid Al Alhaa (I send Eid greetings to everyone) but had to wait till Amazon® Kindle Direct Publishing finished processing my book...It is now live and the paper back edition is available for purchase...(but not yet available to Maldives due to COVID-19 lockdown of certain countries)...

Click the above link