Monday, December 14, 2009

A Java applet that compares 3 integers…

Here is the source code of Java applet I have written which compares 3 integer numbers and outputs the biggest and the smallest number….I wont explain the code…


import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.Graphics;

    public class ComparisionApplet extends JApplet{

           String result;
           String result1;

                   public void init()

                    int number1;
                    int number2;
                    int number3;

                    String numbera;
                    String numberb;
                    String numberc;

                    numbera = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter first integer:");
                    numberb = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter second integer:");
                    numberc = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter third integer:");

                    number1 = Integer.parseInt(numbera);
                    number2 = Integer.parseInt(numberb);
                    number3 = Integer.parseInt(numberc);

                    if(number1 > number2)
                    if(number1 > number3)
                         result = number1 + " is the biggest number";

                    if(number2 > number1)
                    if(number2 > number3)

                         result = number2 + " is the biggest number";

                    if(number3 > number1)
                    if(number3 > number2)

                         result = number3 + " is the biggest number";

                    if(number1 < number2)
                    if(number1 < number3)

                        result1 = number1 + " is the smallest number";


                    if(number2 < number1)
                    if(number2 < number3)

                         result1 = number2 + " is the smallest number";

                    if(number3 < number1)
                    if(number3 < number2)

                       result1 = number3 + " is the smallest number";


            public void paint(Graphics g)





Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sad....Maldives loses to India on SAFF Championship 2009 on penalties....

Sad....Maldives loses to India on SAFF Championship 2009 on penalties...As always most of the time Maldives played well but Maldives is also the unluckiest team...


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My enemies on the internet….

Group A:

Ibrahim Thaufeeq, Aishath Wafeesha , Aishath Shazura, Azmath, Mohamed Shumais

Group B:

Zaan, Ismail Sodiq, and Bods ( real name unknown )

The identities of the friends I met in IRC, and in lockforum and Kk4rum….

“Don’t be shy boys, I come in peace”…sheesh

Well I went online first in early 2001 for a few days and later in March 2002…Since 2002 I have been using the internet regularly…I joined IRC in October 2002 and lockforum ( the first forum in Maldives ) around May 2003…I joined Kk4rum in September 21, 2003…Here is the list of my friends whom are hard won….I dare not reveal there private information too much…That would be abusive and offensive…But lets do it…


I met him in 1986 in grade 4 of Majeedhiyaa school…He was my class mate…His name is Shihab…He is both an IT guy and a finance guy…Very good humored…I remember his behaviour very clearly when we were in grade 4….Than he disappeared for a long time and again I met him in 2000…Than later in 2003 in Kk4rum where he was and administrator and senior supervisor….


A brilliant software developer and the owner of Kk4rum…His name is Shuhood…I come across him a lot in Jalapeno Cafe’ near artificial beach….He was the senior administrator of Kk4rum but disappeared for years making posts….I chat him in msn during those days….


A guy around 29 and one of the junior members of lockforum…His name is Hassan Muneer and I became friends with him in 2005…He is good humored and I really miss him in MSN....

Chekkygal :

Susan, around my age…She is kind hearted and I saw her first in IRC than in lockforum in 2003…Now I am friends with her in facebook too and in MSN too…


I dare not tell his name and divulge his personal information but I know him well now…


One of the most active members of Kk4rum in its early days…His name is Azumee….I haven’t seen him since 2006.


Again one of the brilliant and greatest member of Kk4rum in late 2003 to early 2004…His name is Hassan Rasheed…I admire him a lot and he is a great soccer fan…I am very fond of him...


There are others whom I don’t know much…aE ( is Shaah ) in lock and faripary ( Latheef ) in Kk4rum…

Lets do more….Some people use the term “sheesh” when concluding a statement…This was due to me and I really claim it…My post in Sun Microsystems java forums brought that….Here is the link to that memorable post:

What good old friends….

Monday, December 7, 2009

First blog post using Windows Live Writer…



A java applet which calculates student grades....

Here is the source code for a java applet I have written that calculates any amount of student grades...The applet terminates and calculates the average when you enter -1 :

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.Graphics;
import java.text.DecimalFormat;

public class Average5Applet extends JApplet{

int counter = 0;
int total = 0;
int grade;

double average;

public void init()

String grades;

grades = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter student grades as integers:");

grade = Integer.parseInt(grades);

while(grade != -1 )


counter = counter + 1;
total = total + grade;

grades = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter student grades as integers:");

grade = Integer.parseInt(grades);



public void paint(Graphics g)

super.paint (g);

DecimalFormat twoDigits = new DecimalFormat("0.00");

if ( counter != 0 )


average = (double) total / counter;

g.drawString("The average is"+twoDigits.format(average),25,25);



g.drawString("No grades were entered!!!",25,25);


You need to Have JDK 1.6 to compile the applet...

Also you need to execute the applet, write a web page embedding the applet's compiled class file in it....

What is intelligence and spying?

What is intelligence and spying?

An early edition of Encyclopedia Britannica described intelligence as evaluated information of any kind...And that is the real definition...

Spying on the other hand is a related discipline of intelligence gathering ( information gathering ) by using covert or secret methods...

The basic slogan and rule of any intelligence agency is the "Need to know rule"...This means that those who need not know information about an operation or person doesn't need to be told or informed about it or the person...

I have read books and novels on intelligence...I also came across a treatise on intelligence when I was in Police in 1996...But I wasn't interested on the topic at that time...

I saved my life for myself because of what I learned through the years about intelligence...I had trained myself on cognitive investigation and evaluating of information which I gather from loose talk by my friends and absent minded discussion and comments they make...

There is one another important rule to be mentioned when it comes to spying: that is coincidence...There is no such thing in real life...

Human life appears in patterns but there is no coincidences...I don't believe nor will any spy believe on coincidence...

Well that's what I know about intelligence and spying...It is short because I am not a professional...I saved my skin from the treacherous scheming of some of my so called friends: Shumais and his family foremost and Mujey and Jumbey...

Really sick people...

That's it....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

C++ or Java?

C++ or Java...To none IT people this like mean a bit absurd...

But for software developers this would be familiar...The question to ponder is which language to choose...

If you are a systems developer ( that is you develop software like operating systems and drivers ) the choice is to use C++...But if you are a applications developer aiming to achieve a high degree of portability on all platforms the choice is Java...

Fact is performance...C++ performs better than Java but one should know that Java code runs comparably as compiled C++ code...

Those who are interested in developing database applications using Oracle should choose Java because Oracle natively supports Java...

But for those who don't need or aim to develop software for most platforms needs to develop in C++...

Java have limited low level capabilities but C++ through its inline assembler supports low level processor specific code to execute...

So the choice is yours...Both languages are heavily used by programmers...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yahoo Geocities closed...

Yahoo closed it's geocities services...

On 26 October 2009 it closed...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windows 7 is released...

Microsoft released Windows 7 on the 22nd of this month October...

Windows 7 has several versions than its predecessor Windows Vista...

Some of my photographs taken in the year 2003!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

33 years past....33 years old...33 years gone....

I just became 33 years old...I was born in CE 1976 October 20...

Since 1990 I lived a life of abuse...But I am patient most of the time...My class mates abused me...My parents abused me...My employers abused me...My friends abused me...The girls I liked abused me...

I will write all about this in this blog of mine...

I give thanks to Allah for the favors and knowledge he bestowed on me and also that special intellect of investigation by inference he bestowed on me...Al hamdhu lilaahi rabil aalameen...Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Hello World" in Java...

To write this application you will need Sun's Java Development Kit Standard Edition ( JSE ) which is a free download at installing it into your computer and setting the path environment variable write the following Java source in Notepad:

import javax.swing.JoptionPane;

public class HelloWorld {

public static void main ( String args [] )

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null"HELLO WORLD!");



Save it on your desktop as

Next open the command prompt and execute the following command: javac

One file HelloWorld.class will be created if there are no errors in your source...To run the program type java Helloworld at your command prompt.


"Hello World" in C++

The following C++ program requires any C++ compiler but I assume it is Microsoft Visual C++ compiler...Microsoft Visual C++ Express edition is a free download from Microsoft.

Open Notepad and write the following source:

Save it to your desktop as hello.cpp and execute the following command at Visual Studio Command Prompt: cl hello.cpp...If there are no errors in the source code two files will be created: hello.obj and hello.exe...To run the program just type hello or hello.exe at your command prompt...


Friday, October 9, 2009

"Hello world" in assembly language...

To write and use the following "Hello World" program you will need to have Microsoft Macro Assemble ( MASM for short )...It is a free download from Microsoft and is included in every edition of Visual Studio ( the latest been MASM 9 in Visual Studio 2008 ).....

Just open Notepad and copy the code shown below and save it as hello.asm on your desktop...

.model small,c
.stack 100h

msg     db "Hello World!",0

includelib MSVCRT
extrn printf:near
extrn exit:near

public main
main proc
        push    offset msg
        call    printf
        push    0
        call    exit
main endp

end main

Now open Visual Studio command prompt and execute the following command: ml hello.asm /link /subsystem:console

This will create two files: hello.obj and hello.exe on your desktop...To run the program just type hello or hello.exe on your command prompt.

I wouldn't explain the details of the code but know that the .586 means that the source uses the Pentium microprocessor instruction set...That means it would run on any computer which has at least the Intel Pentium processor( released in 1993 ).


Which is the best language used to create dynamic web pages???

There are several popular languages used to create dynamic web pages...They are JSP, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET , Coldfusion and Perl.

I saw JSP used in Oracle's web site, IBM's site, Symantec's and ofcourse Sun Microsystems's web site which is the creator of JSP...I have seen only one perl site and that is Dhiraagu's web SMS site ( there is another site which I don't remember and that is the airport flight schedule site )...I have seen several asp sites notably forums...PHP is used as the most common sites I have seen ( example: facebook )...I have seen on ofcourse Microsoft and Intel...As for coldfusion I have seen it in Adobe ( the owner and creator...strictly an acquired technology through Macromedia ) and Myspace!!!

We can't say which is the best language used to create dynamic pages but from what I know most ( through visits ) PHP is the most popular...Been open source and free makes it useful for start up companies...

Personally I have successfully created all the tutorial dynamic pages in Dreamweaver 8 using JSP,PHP and ASP.NET...What I haven't touched is perl ( Which Dreamweaver doesn't support )...

So I conclude by the number of sites using PHP and the ease at which it can be develope PHP is the most easiest and best language to create dynamic pages!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making an e-mail account that ends with

Very simple...When you sign up or register for gmail you get automatically an e-mail account that ends with example your gmail is than too is your account...What holds is the google ID which in this case is example...You can use example when ever you sign in to your account...

Now the problem lies when you send an e-mail it will arrive at your friends inbox as can be solved...If you seriously want an e-mail that uses follow this link to sign up:

Cheers - guestworm ( Naheez )

Friday, September 25, 2009

Some useful computer tricks....

In this post I present some useful and handy computer tricks...

Changing the default start in location of the Command Prompt

The command prompt is available under accessories...You can change the start in location which the command prompt starts by doing this:

1- Right click the command prompt
2- Select properties
3- Select shortcut
4- Look in start in and change the path as you wish.

Changing the directories in command prompt

The DOS command used to change the directory is cd but to go to the default directory where Windows is installed is cd C:\ ...You can change to the other partition just by typing D: assuming that it is named D:\

Capturing the current monitor screen

This is very simple...Just press Print Screen key on your key board and paste it to the canvas of any graphics program or word processor which supports graphics like Microsoft Word.

Changing the layout of the computer screen

Press alt and ctrl keys and press the arrow keys ...This will make the screen vertical or horizontal!!!

That's it for now...I hope you like these tricks...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Born in Maldives ( My version of Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA )

One of the most nicest song for me is Bruce Springsteen's 1984 super hit "Born in the USA"...Now Bruce Springsteen's 60th birthday is 23 September this year of 2009...I want to celebrate his birthday by adapting the above song in my own ways....


I was born in a humble shack
Illegit birth in every way
In Dhidhoo of HA atoll
They call me boanthashi
But I am proud of it

Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was

I studied in Majeedhiyaa
Student of SEC
Trained at NSS boot camp
Square bashing harder by the day

Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was

Got fired by NSS
Dark years came
No company where I didn't work
Years and years went by

Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was

Started to chain smoke
But didn't do dope
Practicing Muslim in moderation
Daddy asked
" Son don't you understand? "

Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was

Got computer savvy in 02
Got crafty in the road
Seven years down the road
Street smart in every way
Striped my jealous friends in a blink
Striped them all

Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was
Born in Maldives I was

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fathey's song Boadhabas is not genuine...

Maldivian singer Fathey ( Ahmed Fathy ) released his 5th album Boadhaabas in 2004...

Well, I liked the album but the title song Boadhaabas is not genuine...

You can listen to MegaDeths's song Trust in their 1997 album Cryptic Writings...Fathey copied the starting drum piece in to the opening of Boadhaabas...

I think Fathey used Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition to capture the drum percussion which begins in MegaDeth's song Trust...It is 100% similar...

I like and I am a fan of Fathey as well as MegaDeth...Fathey is the only Maldivian singer I listen to that often....

But none ingenuity is in Boadhaabas... :)
Here is the video of the starting to the two songs:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yahoo Geocities closing on 26 October 2009


After 10 years since been purchased by Yahoo, geocities is closing...
It should be noted that a world wide community is been closed...Many people has used the free web hosting services of geocities...

But Yahoo seems excited upon the new offerings they will put to geocities customers but no longer free...

Friday, July 31, 2009

My first post at Sun's Java forums...

In memory of my first post in Sun's Java user to user forum...

That was in August 2003...Six years ago...

Here is the link to that post:

I was 26 years old than and wanted to learn about the Java programming language...I was working under contract at Maldives College of Higher Education...

Miss those days :(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making an e-mail account that ends with

You know and e-mails...

Follow this link and you can create an e-mail account that ends with for free:

I did it tonight...

Now I hope you do it too...hehehehe


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Atrocities,horror, and opression at Island Aviation...

One day in May 2001 I saw news paper clip and in it was an advertisement for a customer services assistant required for employment at Island Aviation Services Limited ( the national flag carrier )...I remember it as a Friday afternoon...I applied for the post the following Sunday with my curriculum vitae and copies of educational achievements and testimonials by other institutions I had worked previously...I deliberately wrote only National Security Service and Dhiraagu as my previous employers...I made this because I desperately wanted the job and having stated that I had worked so many companies would make employment at Island Aviation void...

As I recall I was accepted for the interview and around Wednesday I received a phone call from IAS that I should be present for interview and selection around 1430 that day...I told my mother to iron my best outfit of blue long sleeved shirt and dark slacks...I wore a red tie and had trimmed my hair that morning...I went to IAS head office in full preparation and I was anxious for the interview...I received aprreciation for my turn out that day...

The panel of interviewers were: Sujah ( administration officer who was replacement for Abdul Hameed Abdul Ghafoor, the administration manager ), Zuhair ( Manager Cargo Services ), Shafeeq ( Manager Ground Services ), and another person whose name I didn't know but I think he is engineering manager...

They told me introduce myself and I in English fluently told a brief account of my life story upto 2001...The made copious notes...Finally Shafeeq asked politely that would I be willing to work in Ground Services...I replied couteously that I would be glad to serve in that department...

The interview finished and I went home...

The next day I received a phone call from IAS that I was accepted for employment and I should report to Human Resources and Administration at IAS head office the coming Sunday...I was told to bring my National Identity Card...I got jubiliated for wining the job and told my friends Lathy and than my best friend Shumais ( who would be come my enemy later...Read the first post in this blog )...

I reported for work on 10 June 2001 ( as I recall ) and I was given the appointment letter detailing my job and salary...

On that day I boarded the Island Aviation ferry to airport and I was met by the secretary to MGS....I was accompanied by other two employees who got jobs at IAS....The secretary who is Naaz took us to the Airports Company identity card issuance office and we were instantly photographs and given our airport passes...I was stalked to the GS Supervisors office and duty officer at that time was Hussain...He told me that I would have to follow the duty schedule of Ramp Assistant Mashkoor ( who is despicable and full of hatred to me read on )...He radioed or phone Mashkoor and told him to arrive at GS office...A guy entered after a while and he was thin young man with bad complexion and he told me to following...

He took me to the sort out area of the arriving ULD ( unit loading device or aircraft containers ) and told me what the place was...He told me that I would meet many people from my area of Maldives...A mockery...He had no idea from which part of the country I came from...

This would be the start of his abuses...A real holocaust for me...

He than took me to the ramp office where I would work for the next two months till I got unfairly terminated...

At this time I was not well versed with computers...I was not computer literate...I had difficulty and slowness even typing using a computer keyboard...

The next evening I went to the Singapore Airlines ramp and Mashkoor was shouting and fuming at me while teaching me to load the ULD's to the aircraft...I wondered why he hated me like prejudice...

Next I was to type the ULD list to the SITA system which would than send the information to different recipients by telex...Someone had played a computer game and hadn't closed it on the ramp computer...I said to Mashkoor how to log off...He said he don't know how to do it and carefully closed the game...He was checking whether I was new to computers or whether I was well knowledged in computers...What a jealous and foul man was this Mashkoor...I was very very slow in typing and it took me 45 minutes to type it...Mashkoor scolded me in front of all the other staffs saying that it took me 45 minutes to type the UCM ( ULD Container Message )...

The early hours of next morning it was raining thinly...It was a steady drizzle of rain and I had to report for work at 0530...I boarded the ferry and sat with umbrella folded...A ferry crew told me rudely to go and sit on the rear...Mashkoor took this and scolded me infront of all the other staff in ramp saying that he had sit, with water dripping from my body and soaked with rain, on the none smoking area of the ferry...

That day I finished loading Sri Lankan aircraft and went to the ramp office to type the UCM and send it by SITA telex...Mashkoor shouted at me saying that you have to give chocks off when the engineer give the clearance to do so...It should be noted that I am a new staff and it is grossly unfair for him to shout and abuse me that way...It never stopped...

The days went by with more and more abusive treatment from Mashkoor...

Than in early June I was rostered to arrive at airport at 0830 and the last flight was a domestic flight...I had to attend it ramp...I accidently arrived at 0530 in early morning...Ismail Hadhy was the officer in ramp that day...I didn't mentioned that I had arrived accidently...I toiled in the airport till 1730 and it was nearly a record...I didn't complained about it...

Than in June I had tailored my IAS uniforms and one evening I came wearing it...Mashkoor looked at me in a confounded way...That evening after punching duty card I was called by Shahin ( duty manager GS ) and he scolded me...He said that I am crazy and needs treatment...I didn't make any complaints to him...I listened to him sadly and gravely...He told me to improve myself...

A few nights back I was in SQ ( Singapore Airlines )baggage sort out area and made a mistake...There were several flights that night and many staff make errors during sort out...What happend was that I had filled the container card for the tail hold but didn't report it to Load Control...It was the Airports Company Ramp Supervisor who identified it to me...Mashkoor scolded me like a farther admonising a child that night and said inside the Load Control office that he had told me several times about these that it is he who has to take the blame for not telling me...He said this in an abusive way...

Another few nights later there was UL ( Sri Lankan Airlines ) and I accidently forgot to put the container label in one of the containers....Maskoor radioed it in harsh and seething voice to me and when I took the container label he was dancing and jumping with anger pointing at the container...I got ashamed when he spoke on the radio about me smoking and being not vigilant...

The days went by and I was not happy about the abuses which Maskoor was raining at me...

Than one afternoon I and the ramp staff were having coffee at Mariyaadhu Restaurant at airport and Ismail Hadhy told me that is Mashkoor scolding you...Yakini said that Mashkoor has told him that I had worked in NSS and had to be trained in that way...I got sad by this remark...I am a human and he should know that I am a new staff...

One night I was again in the sort out area and there was UL sort out...I told load officer Fazna how many containers had to be made to UL baggage...She told me not much and it was my choice to make it...There was a very foul labourer who is middle aged...He shouted the worst filthy language at me that night when I told him to make extra containers...

The days went by and mid June again I was haunted by the NSS ( I will write about their abuses and mistreatment later )...The days were confusing to me...I deliberately started to tell the abuses I was receiving from Maskoor...

Early these days IAS introduced e-mail services to all the staff...I received a love e-mail from Shazdha who is a baggage assistant...It was the night that e-mail was introduced and also the night that I was being started to be harrased again by the NSS...I showed the e-mail I received from Shazdha to Muki and Wadde...It was infront of them I opened my IAS e-mail inbox for the first time...Both Muki and Wadde fraudlently signed in to my inbox and had send many e-mails to Shazdha...I was now not in speaking terms with Shazdha...She complained about it later to me...This was a sad mistake I had done and I regret it very much now...

One night during these tough days I had to go to SQ ramp...Ismail Hadhy was again the officer that night...He told Adam Shafeeu to go with me and monitor my work...That was also the night when LTTE had blasted the Sri Lakan International Airport...I accidently loaded a UL container to the hold of SQ and this was a mistake I did...

Mashkoor asked about this the other night and I lied that Ismail had stormed angrily...It was lie...Mashkoor commented that he hadn't really scolded to me that way yet...It was not true...He was seething with rage at me always...He hated me like prejudice...

August 2001 came and my actions were carefully observed by the NSS...

I had told all of what Mashkoor had said and done to me to my colleagues at ramp...

So I conclude this episode of my abusive life stroy since I was terminated under grounds of insufficent vigilance on the 27th of August 2001...

Sad really sad....

Monday, July 27, 2009

My version of Guns N Roses's Knocking on Heavens Door ( tribute to Bob Dylan )

Mama take this bastard from me
I can't use it anymore
In darkness to darkness in
Feels like I am knocking on heavens door

Knock knock knocking on heavens doors ( chorus )
Hey hey hey hey
knock knock knocking on heavens door
Knock knock knocking on heavens door
knock knock knocking on heavens door ( end of chorus )

Mama burdened I gone to underground
I can't seal him anymore
Black or black clouds coming down
Feels like I am knocking on heavens door

Sunday, July 26, 2009

OBL bringing shame to the muslim world...

OBL ( Osama Bin Laden ) is bringing shame to the Islamic world under pretext of holy war ( jihad )....It is not jihad but terrorism...

If OBL hadn't initiated the 9/11 attacks on the USA, Saddam Hussein ( also a blood thirsty monster ) and the Taliban government wouldn't be ousted...Now there is civil war raging on both these countries...

Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance and patience...Islam is the true religion...

But OBL and his terrorist network of Al Qaeda is bringing shame and calamity to us muslims...

Do you agree?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My version of Metallica's Where ever I may roam...

When the road becomes my pride

When the road becomes my pride
I stripped them all but pride
So in heart I do confide
And it keeps me satisfied
This is all I need

And the dust in road I crave
All the knowledge will I save
To the game that sets laid
Roam over warrior
No man fell upon
Call me what you will



While I take my child anywhere
Freely speak my mind anywhere
And I predetermine it anywhere
Anywhere I roam
Where I lay my hate and so


When the road becomes my throne

And the road becomes my throne
I depth to the unknown
On my own resources I have grown
By myself but not alone
I ask no one

And my days are seven of queen
Less I have the more I gain
After beating better and in rain
Roam over warrior
No man fell upon
Call me what you will

And you will

While I take my child anywhere
I freely speak my mind anywhere
And I never mind anywhere
Anywhere I roam
Where I lay my hate and so

Yeah yeah

While I take my child anywhere
I freely speak my mind
And I take my pride anywhere
Anywhere I roam
Where I lay my hate and so not there

While I take my time anywhere
I freely speak my mind anywhere
And I predetermine it anywhere
Anywhere I roam
Where I lay my hate and so

Call upon my stone
My body lie
But still I roam

Yeah yeah

Where ever I may roam

Where ever I may roam


Where ever I may roam

Where ever I may roam yeah

Where ever I may wonder

Where ever I may roam

Yeah Yeah

Where ever I may roam

Yeah Yeah

Where ever I may roam

Monday, July 6, 2009

The benefits of open source software...

In computing open source software means the source code of the software is available to anyone for free...You have the right to distribute, modify and proliferate your modified software without any charge...

One famous license to distribute open source software is the GNU Public License ( GPL for short )...The current draft of this license was made public in 1991...This license gives the user of open source software full grants with the exception of trade marks...

Some of the open source software's available today include PHP, Mozilla Fire Fox, Linux and several versions of Unix, BSD and OpenSolaris.

The fact that open source software is free without any costs means it would be a better alternative than proprietary software...It reduces cost and the fact that open source communities develop this software, it is more functional than proprietary software.

Another benefit is you can modify the source code and adapt it to your requirements.

Start up companies can really can afford to use and benefit from open source software like Apache HTTP server and PHP and Debian GNU Linux ( I am referring to hosting web sites or creating an intranet based site )...

I have little experience in using Ubuntu Linux ( I installed it to my computer and used it for some time )...It is cool and it comes with several free licenses...You can order a free CD of Ubuntu Linux at

One should note that the great majority of software is written to Windows...Some of these are open source whilst others are proprietary EULA ( End User License Agreement ) software...

If you want a compatible alternative to Microsoft Office there is OpenOffice by Sun Microsystems which is open source...

Infact there is always one alterantive open source software to proprietary software...

So the benefits of using opens source software is much greater than using proprietary software...

Monday, June 29, 2009

My first surgery...THANKS IGMH....

It began in late 2004...I bleeded when I went to toilet...So I visited IGMH that year and met a surgeon...He gave medications and it stoped bleeding...

Again last Ramazaan in 2005 it began to bleed...This time I made an appointment with surgeon Dr.Shareef and he gave medications and used a probe which he inserted into my rectum and told me that I had second degree piles...The medications didn't have any effect...So he told me I had to do a surgery...He gave a series of laboratory tests to be done by me...HIV screening...blood prsessure...blood sugar...and other things...It all passed and I was declared fit at category A...I met an anaesthetic specialist who told me that I am in good health and said that he would give me a spinal injection and I do not require to take an X-Ray...The last doctor whom I met was Dr.Eshwaran whom I have been consulting regularly since 1996 after those stunts at NSS...

I was admitted at IGMH's surgical ward on the 21st and they started IV at 0730 morning...They wheeled me to the operation theater at about 0930...I was kept idle with IV in the operating ward for two hours...The staff wore all green outfits with polythene like green head coverings and was very professional and kind...The operation theater at IGMH itself was one whole detached ward...They all covered their heads and covered their noses as well...There was a beeping noise from one operation room and another beeping noise from the post and pre operating area...Opposite me was a friend of me whom I met at Riyan last year...

They all laughed when I knew my friend Shiyaa from Riyan...She was also to do a surgery...
The whole ward was very sterile and the nurses, paramedics were all professional and kind...Soon they covered me with same gear they all wore...

After two hours my doctor appeared from the operating room and came to me and asked me how I was...I said to Dr.Shareef that I am well...I was covered with a loose head covering which they all wore...Dr.Shareef read the attached file and the anesthetic specialist came and asked me whether I brought Lagretol which Dr.Eshwaran had suscribed to me for sometime...I told him that I don't know and that my dad is outside and he may have it...He told me thats ok and that he will give me a spinal...

After a few minutes they wheeled me inside the operating room and lifted me and placed me on the operating table...They removed my clothes and spread and lifted both my legs and placed both legs on a high leg stands...The anesthetic specialist lifted me by my back and I sat on the table...He told me kindly that he is now to give an injection to my spine and that I would feel that my legs going heavy...I felt the tip of the injection needle and then he applied a small dressing to stop the bleeding on my back...

Than I was laid down and the nurse kindly put a clip ( which had a long wire )on my index finger and told me that this is to check my heart beat...A beeping sound started and and the nurse ( who was a young girl and was the friend of Shiyaa above ) than placed ECG elctrodes on my chest...It was about 4 electrodes...A pressured pad was wraped on my right biceps and was linked to a machine which compressed and checked my blood pressure at regular intervals....

Dr.Shareef sat on a chair and faced my thongs...The anesthetician than asked me to lift my legs...I couldn't...It was very heavy...

They moved the large flat circular disc on the sealing with many round bulbs and it had dissipated an orange and bright light on my naked lower body .The operation started...I had a white covering in front of me so that I can't see anything from between my legs...I kept hearing about Dr.Shareef telling the nursesto hand him scissors and the surgery took only 15 minutes...I almost never felt anything...The nurse commented on how easy and quicker it was than they had anticipated...The nurse told me that the operation is over...

They removed the electrodes and lifted me and placed on a wheeled bed...The paramedics took me to the post and pre operation area...Soon Shiyaa was also brought from the theater...Her surgeon was the best surgeon in Maldives Dr.Solih...They had sofas and other recreation facilities on this area...I was listening to music and was delighted to hear a Fathey's song from Bodhaabas...

I was now shivering from the cold and they asked me about it and I nodded a yes...they covered me in thick wool blankets and had my index finger clipped and connected to another oscilloscope to check my heart beat rate...Also another blood pressure checking machine kept recording my blood pressure regularly...They kept me for another 45 minutes to see my stability and than I was moved to room no 46 where I will stay for the next 4 days...They removed the IV at about 0900 in the morning next day after Dr.Firudhoas and a team of other surgeons examined me...Dr.Firudhoas was the head of surgical department at IGMH...

My dad and mom had both been waiting outside the operation theater....

I healed well and was discharged on staurday 25th...The wounds were still raw with no dressings and healing well...Dr.Shareef told me that it was how they treat hemorrhoids ( piles )...

I want to thank my friends Majeed, Silachi, Lathy and Mustho who visited me there....And Allu, Shafeeu, Ikki, Issey and Sheyhenaaz who called to my phone and checked on me....THANKS DEAR LOVING ONES!!!! 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oracle acquires Sun Microsystems....Really cool...

On April 20 Sun and Oracle announced the news...

I hope that Oracle do well in Java and Solaris...Top Sun products...

Long live Sun and Oracle...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maldivian IRC use diminishing.... tell the truth...I started using IRC in October 2002...

This blog post is my response and experience in using the IRC chat system...

During those days of late 2002 I started to chat for the first time...It was in IRC...The nick I used was nahyz and I was in #lock and #kotari most of the time...

In December 2002 I started to use MSN too...

From what I know the #kotari was created by a group of Maldivian students who were studying abroad...The channels' created date is 22 October 1997...Just about to be an year when internet came to Maldives through an ISP(it was October 1996 that internet service was started by Dhiraagu....however internet was accessible in Maldives even before that time by using a data fax modem and dialing to an overseas internet service provider...However the price of doing this would be soaring )....

One should note that IRC use in Maldives started to grow...

But now it is fading away and the only actively registered channels in IRC is #kotari , #atolls, and #maldives ( that is it has the cservice bot @X )...The channels #lock, #Udhares, #Beach, #Holhuahsi, #Nemo, #Finimaizaan, #balaabodu, #Thebalaabodu, #Triton and #Ekuverin are the only channes I visit occasionally....I created one channel called #Bitun in 2006 and it was registered by ibu but it existed for a short time...

IRC use is falling very rapidly in Maldives and in the whole world too...Chat systems like Mig33, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, E-Buddy, and ofcourse Skype is more famous now...Why?...Because IRC doesn't support extensions like video chat and voice chat...It lacks many features and cannot be considered as a Web 2.0 technology...

Well I was famed in IRC in late 2003 to early 2005...It reversed in 2006...Now I am seeing most of the channels in IRC empty...Maldivian channels especially....No more than 25 people are ever online at the same time in IRC...

It is sad that IRC use is diminishing...Not only in Maldives...Some analysts have estimated that IRC will not be an acceptable means of communication by the year 2020.... :(

Thursday, June 11, 2009

KK4rum...the untold stories...

It is now 4 years that Kk4rum vaporised…It was hacked…
This article is about my experience in using Kk4rum and other few forums that were in existence during those days of 2003 to 2005…
Of course the first forum I visited is lockforum ( also disbanded now )…Nobody told me about it and nobody introduced me to it…It was around April 2003 that I went to Icon Cyber and typed in the browser…It showed me lockforum and a few weeks later ,I registered in it…Funny it was… was redirected to lockforum…Those boys dot, Eifini, stallone, and aE are the few people I know from lockforum…They were gaining unfair publicity from redirecting domain into lockforum…One should know the local telcom company Dhiraagu web presence is and the domain is owned by the boys of lockforum.
It was on 21 September 2003 ( the day after Male’ was routed by the mob ) that I saw…I registered the same day in it..It was more…how shall I put it…heavy metal like that the other few forums…There was and all I was using…My username in these forums were guestworm but in kk4rum I used the ID ibilees ( I feel embarrassed now using that name and I regret it very much )…
The guys dhumaari and hot were moderating….I saw dhumaari, Aishath, gorukaneli, RedDevils, and KidX in IRC channel kotari in 2003…They were all in kk4rum…I was in the Debates thread and my first topic was “Do girls or boys lie most?”…
It should be noted that all these forums were using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as the database and ASP as the scripting technology…Kk4rum got a bonus point as it had SMS facilities which all the other forums didn’t have…But this facility didn’t work most of the time…
In December 2003 I got famed in IRC after pin pointing lockforum’s unethical ways of redirecting to it…I wrote a topic in Kk4rum as such…This made Kk4rum especially famous in the channels of IRC like #lock ( which is run by the same team as lockforum) and in #kotari.
During 2004 my so called well whishing friends, now my enemies, started to make useless posts in Kk4rum…they hailed which was the most unpopular forum by members…The only notable feature, if any, had is that it had English and Dhivehi sections separately…My friends were talking none sense as SMS IRC bots ( which is a none existent term ) linked to bichoo, and that bichoo had SMS features which is not true…
In late 2004 there was many posts by me in Kk4rum and these so called friends of mine blow there identity in Kk4rum…I revealed there jealous ways and it back fired on them…
My volatile behavior is what I claim why Kk4rum got hacked at last…By a bunch of IT guys…Their blog still exists…no now extinct…hehehehehe…Visit ( as I celebrate the fourth year of Kk4rum been disbanded…So do the thugs who hacked it…4 is the number…And late May comes the day in which time it was hacked…I am writing this article in midnight of or in other words…early morning of 7 June 2009…The given blog has been removed by the hackers who brought misery to Kk4rum…They are celebrating it !!!)…It is an imposing and boasty blog…Kk4rum was hacked incidentally but not from the genius of the hackers…They had a copy of the forum software which Kk4rum used and it was after studying its structure for days and days ( could be weeks ) that these guys found the loop holes and back door entries in to Kk4rum…
Well…I miss Kk4rum....I miss hot, dhumaari, faripary, Aishath, gorukaneli, RedDevils and KidX…Than the stars in kk4rum and also early users of kk4rum..
Lockforum was retired in 2005…It was a huge failure…
Now Maldivian IRC is going down and diminishing…But other forums come and go…
My active forum of any interest is now Maldivian soccer forum…I am registered there as my old IRC nick guestworm…I visit there occasionally…Click:

footnote: Today is 17 June 2009...Again the hackers blog has been uploaded...I am editing this post because of that...They sure wants to impress people...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A brief internet history....

These days we take the internet for granted. It is facilitates a cheap means of communication via e-mail and real time messaging. All this are taken now as part of our lives. We couldn’t imagine a world without the internet.

Welcome to the the history of the internet

The internet is in reality a world wide network of computers. The great grand parent of the internet is the ARPA network of the US Department of Defense which linked ARPA funded research institutions. This was the 1960s’. The maximum bandwidth rate ( which is the capacity of data transfer ) available was than the stunning 56kb/s.

The protocols which means the set of rules for computers to communicate with each other was TCP ( transmission control protocol ) and Internet Protocol. Other protocols such as FTP ( file transfer protocol ) appeared a little later.

The communication between the computers were through packet switched data which mean data is sent as packets.

In 1971 Intel Corporation introduced the microprocessor. Computer manufacturers’ began to use the Intel processor line up.

In 1981 IBM invented there personal computer based on Intel processors.
During these times companies like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Cisco, and Compaq appeared. These companies are now giants in the IT industry. They all helped develop the internet.

The internet around these times were difficult to use and was available through protocols like TCP/IP,FTP,POP2, Telnet and so on.

Electronic mail ( e-mail ) was available during these times and cost about 50 cents per e-mail. This is much cheaper than post and courier service of sending letters to communicate.

In 1988 the IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) was invented by Jarkko Oikarinen and this initiated easy to use real time chatting between individuals using small IRC client programs. IRC is also a protocol. Chatting IRC requires an IRC server and a resident program on the user machine called an IRC client. The worlds’ most famous IRC client is mIRC which was released by Khaled Mardam Bey in 1995.

In 1989 Tim Berners Lee created the worlds’ first web server, HTML ( hypertext markup language ) and a small command line browser. In 1991 the worlds first web site was online. In 1993 Marc Andreessen created Mosaic which was almost the worlds first graphical browser which means it has user interface and is just like a Windows program. The internet exploded in use due to this in 1993. Andreessen found Netscape in 1994 which released the Netscape Navigator browser to the world. In 1995 Microsoft released its own browser the Internet Explorer bundled with Windows 95.

In 1994 the worlds first search engine appeared. It was yahoo and was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo.

In 1995 Sun Microsystems released Java Technology to the world and the it added dynamic content ( animation, video, audio, and so on ) to the web pages.

In 1996 Sabeer Bhatia created the first web mail which is hotmail. Prior to this, e-mail ( electronic mail ) was based in ISP provided POP3 ( Post Office Protocol 3 ) and required a separate program ( like Outlook express ) to read e-mail. Hotmail is the oldest web mail and Microsoft bought hotmail for 400 million USD in 1997.

In 1997 HTML editors appeared. HTML is a markup language created by first Tim Berners Lee and its’ rules are set by World Wide Web Consortium which is an organization found by the afore mentioned in 1994. The first editors were Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Before this web pages had to be hand coded with HTML. This was a cumbersome task and productivity increased with the release of these editors.

In 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin found Google which used a new methodology of internet search. Google expanded and is now the worlds’ largest internet company and one of the largest software companies.

In 2003 Myspace which is social networking web site appeared. It is now the worlds’ second most famous social networking web site. Prior to this other social utility sites like hi5 and tagged were in existence.

The same year, in 2003 the term Web 2.0 was mentioned by Eric Knorr.

Web 2.0 means a new way of using the internet in which the user is able to modify and interact what he or she is using. Facebook ( which was launched in 2006 ), Myspace, Blogger, Twitter, Amazon, and Ebay are all examples of Web 2.0 sites. Web 2.0 can be described as a conversation while Web 1.0 ( referred to as brochure web ) is a one way speech...In Web 2.0 users can modify, update and participate and create content of the web sites they visit

Today we can’t live without the internet. It has become a very important means of communication. We live in a world which has shrunk by using the internet.

Windows Live, Yahoo, Google and web browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer are used by us every day.