Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Asked a question to Intel® Q&A

A few days back, when I checked my emails for my oldest and main GMail® (created in 2006), I had already got an email to ask questions to Intel® Q1 2020 Q&A (Questions and Answers) through Say® Communications...

I took the screenshots of my phone and this is the very first time I had asked questions to the board of directors of a company which I own shares...


Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

Ramallan Kareem and Mubarak

(Location:Male'...Date: Tuesday 21 April 2020...Time: 4:43 AM...Part of the day: Dawn prayer time...Weather: Cloudy and humid...Temperature: Cool)

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Sad days in our country

These are sad days as Covid-19 is spreading in our Maldives.

Stay safe and take care...

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Voted in Intel® Corporation's 2020 Annual Meeting

Intel® Corporation's shareholder annual meeting will be held in 15 May 2020 (in Ramallan this year) and my broker DriveWealth®'s vendor Say® Communications LLC sent me an email to vote to elect the board of directors and other decisions on agenda.

I cast my votes in Intel®'s recommended way of voting...That's if it's recommended "for" than I voted "for" and if it's recommended "against" then I vote "against".

I own 1.04 share of Intel® Corporation (Nasdaq® ticker symbol INTC® ).

The new chairman of the board of Intel® is Omar Ishrak who is Bangladeshi American and the CEO currently is Robert Bob H. Swan. Former chairman Andy Bryant has retired after electing Omar Ishrak.

I was given by email the proxy statement and annual report of 2019 to read before casting my votes, but I chose to cast my votes as recommended by Intel®. I have downloaded both these two documents.

I also submitted to ask questions with the board of directors of Intel® and had been tagged as one of the first shareholders to ask questions on the Q & A day (which is expected on 23 April 2020)

This will be the last time I am going to share this in social media, that's casting my votes as a shareholder of Intel®, one of my favorite companies.



Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: Male'...Date: Saturday 11 April 2020...Time: 3:52 PM...Part of the day: Late afternoon...Weather: mostly sunny...Temperature: Hot)

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Lonuziyaarai Magu

After borrowing a cigarette pack from my neighbor friend Majid's shop Hanhiya, I took these photos and selfies in Lonuziyaarai Magu which is my neighborhood...

I had a hair cut last Saturday and my hair has been neatly trimmed in Shiya Saloon which is also my neighborhood and at the end of Sosun Magu...


Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

(Location: Lonuziyaarai Magu...Date: Tuesday 7 April 2020...Time: 3:1 PM...Part of the day: Late afternoon...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Warm)

Friday, April 3, 2020

Early morning behind Dharubaaruge

Today it's very beautiful with sunshine. It's now early morning.

I took these photos and selfies behind Dharubaaruge. Last night I slept well and woke up when it was very close to Fajr prayers. Yesterday I had seen the first ever curfew in Male' and our Maldives. It's was held from 5 PM to night 8 PM. The curfew was because of the Covid-19 infections ongoing in the world.


Allah Akbar...Allah is great.

( Location: Behind Dharubaaruge. Date: Friday 3 April 2020. Part of the day: Early morning. Weather: Nice. Temperature: Cool.)