Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just now updated the channel art of my Youtube channel again...

HOORAY....I wanted to have the same picture I use in facebook...So I updated the channel art of my Youtube channel again...Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Alameen...Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds...

Late last night ( early morning of today ) I installed the Google Analytics Android app to my phone...

Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Alameen...Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds....I succesfully installed the Google Analytics app to my Samsung Galaxy s3 mini android phone from Google Play...It was around 1:45 AM...I am now using it....HOORAY!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Just now changed the cover photo and channel art of FB and YT...

I wanted to remove all the mention of the cursed devil in my drawings...So I changed the cover photo of my two facebook accounts and also deleted the photos that had the devil's Arabic name....I also changed the channel art of my Youtube channel...May Allah be please with me for this course of action....Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Alameen....Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finished uploading my new personal website...

All thanks are to Allah Almighty...Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds....I finished uploading my new personal website a while ago...I worked all afternoon today to finish the site...HOORAY!!!

I have begun designing my new website...

Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds....I have begun designing my new website today around 1145 AM....I am using Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 5 software...I am coding the site using Dreamweaver and for graphics designing using Fireworks...I am using HTML5 as this is the latest version for HTML....There would be a new video page showing my videos at my personal channel :
The site would be ready in a few weeks or days time....MARK ONE!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Just now initialized Google Analytics for my YouTube channel...Hooray...

Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen....I just now initialized Google Analytics for my YouTube channels ...HOORAY!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Reformatted my computer...

I tried to install Windows 8 Professional x86 version last night...I had begun to download it a few days ago using torrent...But although the installation was successful I had difficulty in connecting to the internet...So I reinstalled my genuine Windows 7 Ultimate edition again...Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Alameen...Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 years 6 months 22 days past my first surgery...still the memories haven't faded away...

March of 2006 came. I was taking tablets prescribed by surgeon Dr.Shareef for the piles in my rectum. It didn’t have any effect and he told me that I have to do a surgery. He filled a red form and gave it to me. It was a series of tests to be done by me. It had HIV screening, blood cloting tests, and other laboratory tests including urine analysis. I was also to meet an anesthetic specialist who would scrutinize the tests to see how fit I am. I did the tests and showed the results to Dr.Shareef and the anesthetician and was decleared fit at category A. The anesthetician told me to bring tegretol which Dr.Eshwaran the psychiatrist had prescribed me for some time. He told me that I don’t require taking an X-Ray as I am in good health. The last doctor before my surgery was Dr.Eshwaran whom I had been counsulting now regularly since October 1996 after those dark days at NSS. Surgeon Dr.Shareef had advised me to get admitted in the surgical ward on 21st March 2006 Tuesday. My father had informed his contact at Maldives Police Service about the pending surgery. He had been told since 1996 to report any unusual event that happens to me since 1996. The Police and MNDF will put me in miniature video feed surveillance while the operation performed on me. They began preparations to see my nude body.

21st March 2006 came and that afternoon I shaved my genitals and upper body as I have been doing since April 2004. I took a good shower and my dad and I went to IGMH at around seven in the evening and I was admitted in the surgical ward. I ate my last dinner before the surgery and had my last smoke at a café’ in the western harbor which was near IGMH. At nine that evening, a nurse came with a Bangladehsi worker and took me for shaving of my lower body and buttocks. The nurse told that I am a hemorrhoid and the worker shaved my lower naked body and the nurse came after a while for inspection. The nurse told me not to eat anything after that.

At eleven midnight, a nurse came and took me again to the examination room in the surgical ward. She told that she would give a disposable enema to my rectum and I would feel a warm sensation in my anus. She told me to that this is to empty my bowels and I would have to go to the toilet after five minutes and expel the excretment. I did that. That night my cousin brother Hussain came after midnight and my dad went home to sleep. I slept little because of the fear in my heart about the surgery.

In the morning of 22 March 2006, Wedenesday my father came back again was sitting near me. The nurse again took me to give a disposalble enema to my anus and I did the same routine and expelled the fluid after five minutes. They gave me a large piece of white tunic to be wraped around my waist like a sarong and gave a white upperbody clothe with four chords, two at the top and two at the bottom, it was to be tied on my back to hold it. They told me to have a shower and to wear these surgery clothes.

The nurse started the IV at seven thirty that morning. At around nine thirty they wheeled me in to the operation theater. The whole operation theater at IGMH was one whole detached ward which was very sterile and clean and the whole ward was air conditioned. There were several rooms where the actual surgery took place. I was waiting idle and lying on my wheeled bed for two hours.

After two hours surgeon Dr.Shareef appeared from the surgical room where outside I have been lying on the wheeled bed. He told me,”so how are you?” I said,”Fine, Dr.” A paramedic came and looked at my file which tied to my wheeled bed. He said,”IV started at seven thirty.” They covered me in loose green polythene like head covering which they also wore. The surgeons and paramedics and nurses wore all green outfits. The anesthetician came to me and said,”did you bring tegretol?” I replied,”sir my dad my have it. He is outside.” He said,”Ok, I will give you a spinal.” The patient adjacent to me was a girl I knew from Riyan Management Consultants when I worked there in mid 2005. They all laughed when I called to Shiyama from Riyan.

Soon they wheeled me to the operation theater and slided me to the operating bed by using a white polished smoothe piece of wood. The remove all my clothes and I was totally naked. I didn’t fell and shame because this surgery was inevitable. The lifted both my legs and put them on high leg stands. They spreaded my hands and the nurse who was the frined of Shiyama of Riyan put a clip on the index finger of the my left hand and a beeping sound started. She said kindly,”this is to check heart beat.” Then she place ECG electrodes on my chest. She went to the right side of the operating bed and wraped a pressure pad on my right biceps and told me this is to check my blood pressure. The pressure pad was connected to a machine and the pressure pad compressed automatically making a hissing sound at regular intervals to check my bood pressure. Then the anesthetician lifted me by my back and I sat on the operating table. He told me,”now I will give an injection to your spine and you will feel your legs going heavy.” I felt the tip of the needle of the injection to my spine and he applied a small dressing on my back to stop the bleeding. He held me and I lay on the bed again. He told me,”try to lift your legs.” I couldn’t. It was very heavy. The nurse moved the flat circular metal disc which was hinged to the ceiling on a metal shaft right on top of my lower body. It has several bulbs on it. She moved the disc by holding to to a handle on the disc and switched on the bulbs and it dissipated a very bright orange light on my lower body. Dr Shareef was seated facing my buttocks.The surgery commenced. I felt nothing. They had their noses covered by a green cloth as ususal in all surgeries.
It took only fifteen minutes. There was coveing between my legs so I couldn’t see anything. Dr Shareef asked the nurse hand him scissors and that was the only thing he said while he performed the surgery. After less than fifteen minutes, the nurse told me,”the operation is over. It is quicker than we had aniticipated.” She spoke very kindly. They removed my legs from the high leg stands and wraped the cloth around my waist and removed all the intensive care equipment strapped to me body. They wheeled me to the post operation area and I would be kept idle here for another forty five minutes to check for stability.
They had sofas and other recreation facilities in this part of the operation theater. An elderly female paramedic was sitting on a chair and reading a magazine which I think was Udhares. Now I was shivering from the cold and the nurse kindly asked me about it. I nodded yes and she covered me in thick wool blankets.The nurse then went to the sofas and took a news paper. The radio was playing songs from Voice of Maldives. I listened to the radio and soon the excited announcer at VOM radio would play the

song “Reechey” by Fathey. Reechey is a Dhevhich word which means beautiful in English. Here is the translation of the first part of the song:
When I descened to the beach for toilet
The stern stare
The surprise to the eyes
When finally saw from top to bottom
So soft, always been now said
So soft, so beautiful
So soft, will be close forever
So soft, so beautiful

It was a song by Fathey from his year 2004 album Boadhabas. The MNDF and Maldives Police Service had watched my naked body while the surgery performed. They did this by miniature video feed link placed in the surgery room. They found my body and genitals very beautiful and all thanks are to God for bestowing me with a beautiful body.

My father and mother had been waiting outside the theater while I was in the surgery. They took me to private room 46 where I would rest and convalesce for the next few days.

On 23rd March morning, which was Thursday, a team of surgeons arrived to examine me. Head of Surgical Department Dr.Firudhos wored a hand glove and examined me the raw wound. He said it is healing well. He told the nurse on duty to remove the IV. I was now wearing a short and a T-shirt which I changed last night. I was missing my home very much.

My friends Silachi, Mustho, Majeed, and Latheef visited me while I was in the private room. Also Issey, Shafeeu, Allu, and Shehenaz called to my mobile to check on me. I want to thank them all for their sincere kindness. I was healing well. Surgeon Dr.Shareef visited later that night and using a torch examined my anus. He wore cascual civilian clothes.

I was discharged, Saturday 25th March 2006 after Dr.Firudhos examined me. My father finished and signed the paperworks and paid for all medications and for services. It costed a little more than 2000 Maldivian Ruffiyya and I was happy to go home. I was supposed to see the surgeon on duty at surgical out patient department in about a weeks time. It was surgeon Dr.Hamdhi Rasheed who would examine me after a week and he would say,”it is very beautiful” again remarking my beautiful body. He would prescribe some medications and I would heal well.

Happy Eid Al Fitr 1434 to the reader...

I wish a happy Eid Al Fitr to the Muslim readers of my blog...Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Alameen...Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First blog post using my phone...

Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Alameen...Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds...This is my first blog post using my own Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Android phone...