Friday, September 25, 2009

Some useful computer tricks....

In this post I present some useful and handy computer tricks...

Changing the default start in location of the Command Prompt

The command prompt is available under accessories...You can change the start in location which the command prompt starts by doing this:

1- Right click the command prompt
2- Select properties
3- Select shortcut
4- Look in start in and change the path as you wish.

Changing the directories in command prompt

The DOS command used to change the directory is cd but to go to the default directory where Windows is installed is cd C:\ ...You can change to the other partition just by typing D: assuming that it is named D:\

Capturing the current monitor screen

This is very simple...Just press Print Screen key on your key board and paste it to the canvas of any graphics program or word processor which supports graphics like Microsoft Word.

Changing the layout of the computer screen

Press alt and ctrl keys and press the arrow keys ...This will make the screen vertical or horizontal!!!

That's it for now...I hope you like these tricks...

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