Friday, October 9, 2009

"Hello world" in assembly language...

To write and use the following "Hello World" program you will need to have Microsoft Macro Assemble ( MASM for short )...It is a free download from Microsoft and is included in every edition of Visual Studio ( the latest been MASM 9 in Visual Studio 2008 ).....

Just open Notepad and copy the code shown below and save it as hello.asm on your desktop...

.model small,c
.stack 100h

msg     db "Hello World!",0

includelib MSVCRT
extrn printf:near
extrn exit:near

public main
main proc
        push    offset msg
        call    printf
        push    0
        call    exit
main endp

end main

Now open Visual Studio command prompt and execute the following command: ml hello.asm /link /subsystem:console

This will create two files: hello.obj and hello.exe on your desktop...To run the program just type hello or hello.exe on your command prompt.

I wouldn't explain the details of the code but know that the .586 means that the source uses the Pentium microprocessor instruction set...That means it would run on any computer which has at least the Intel Pentium processor( released in 1993 ).


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