Friday, October 9, 2009

Which is the best language used to create dynamic web pages???

There are several popular languages used to create dynamic web pages...They are JSP, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET , Coldfusion and Perl.

I saw JSP used in Oracle's web site, IBM's site, Symantec's and ofcourse Sun Microsystems's web site which is the creator of JSP...I have seen only one perl site and that is Dhiraagu's web SMS site ( there is another site which I don't remember and that is the airport flight schedule site )...I have seen several asp sites notably forums...PHP is used as the most common sites I have seen ( example: facebook )...I have seen on ofcourse Microsoft and Intel...As for coldfusion I have seen it in Adobe ( the owner and creator...strictly an acquired technology through Macromedia ) and Myspace!!!

We can't say which is the best language used to create dynamic pages but from what I know most ( through visits ) PHP is the most popular...Been open source and free makes it useful for start up companies...

Personally I have successfully created all the tutorial dynamic pages in Dreamweaver 8 using JSP,PHP and ASP.NET...What I haven't touched is perl ( Which Dreamweaver doesn't support )...

So I conclude by the number of sites using PHP and the ease at which it can be develope PHP is the most easiest and best language to create dynamic pages!!!

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