Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Intel® Corporation pays me dividend for the fourth quarter 2019

I have been paid US $ 0.33 as the dividend of the 1 share/stock I own of Intel® Corporation through my U.S. stock broker DriveWealth® LLC...

I own 1 share/stock of Intel® Corporation which I first bought in late 2017 traded at NASDAQ® through DriveWealth® LLC which is a stock broker and wealth management firm in U.S.A.


Today is Tuesday 10 December 2019 and it's now 3:36 PM late afternoon...

This completes my sharing in social media of my own dividend history for Intel® Corporation (NASDAQ® ticker symbol INTC™).

It was a very tough work in 2017 when I searched in Google® for a broker to buy shares of U.S. technology companies...After non stop search, Google® shifted for me the search for JStock® and DriveWealth® and I submitted my Maldivian Passport photos and depoistied 10 US$ to my DriveWealth® online account and they electronically and remotely opened my investment account after deducting a processing and handling charge of about 5 US$.

Now I own 1 share of my all time favorite company Dhiraagu and favorite technology company Intel® Corporation...I don't intend to buy new shares but to keep these shares for myself.

Intel® Corporation shares have now climbed to 58 US$ and I bought the share again in December 2018 for about 47 US$.

Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen...Praise be to Allah our lord...

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