Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Four shares / stocks bought and seven more to go

I have bought and now own four shares / stocks of four technology companies ( all US ) listed in the Nasdaq stock exchange through my US broker Drivewealth LLC and using JStock app...I intend to buy 1 share / stock of seven more companies and all are technology companies of the USA...I have now invested about 97 US $ in these companies and they are : Intel, AMD, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and HP...Here is my Portfolio at Nasdaq and DriveWealth ...I have a very tight daily budget and I receive only very few bits of cash each day...I used the money given to me by my father and mother, and close old friends : Mohamed Shafeeq​ , Mohamed Jubair, Hussain Adhil  to fund these purchases... :) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...( Location : Male'...Date : Tuesday 6 February 2018...Time : 4:18 PM...Part of the day : Early evening...Weather : Rain like / cloudy...Temperature : Cold )

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