Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Microsoft now offers cloud computing services…

Microsoft is now offering cloud computing services…The initial services are online versions of Office 2010 ( Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint )…
The services are accessible on : or !!!
The cloud offers free services with 25 GB of storage…All you need is Windows Live ID!!!
Microsoft is challenging Google’s cloud computing services which was very successfu!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I prefer heavy metal music…

It is about to be 7 years I have been listening to heavy metal music…My favorite been Metallica and Megadeth…But I know Metallica and the grunge band Pearl Jam since 1994…It was late 2003 I began playing Metallica…Before that I hadn’t got the opportunity to listen to these bands…

Why I do prefer now heavy metal music ? Because the lyrics of these songs are beautiful and the distortion guitars are beautiful to me…THEY WILL NEVER HAVE A RELAXATION EFFECT…Some songs are contrary to my beliefs as a Muslim…And I don’t believe a word in these songs…I don’t prefer the progressive style of OPETH…The songs are death metal with durations of 1 hour…

Some of my friends say it is not my style to listen to heavy metal music…WHO SAID SO?…Music has nothing to do with the type of clothes you wear and you praying 5 times daily…

I WANT TO BE A MODERATE MUSLIM…Music is my pastime…I don’t watch TV shows now…I play with the computer and use the internet…Music is my other thing in life…

Heavy metal music will never relax you…But the talent in metal bands are much greater than those of sentimental bands who sings only romantic songs…

I don’t listen to Maldivian bands like Traphic Jam ( heavy metal of course ) because they portrays a bad image…


Who invented coffee?

The original Arab beverage…hehehehe…

From what I know coffee was discovered in Arabia around 600 AD…It was exported to the Europe around the 16 the century…But coffee beans actually grew in Ethopia (whose ancient inhabitants had discovered it’s stimulating and invigorating effects ) and was brought to Arabia…

My favorite drink is coffee ( without sugar for the past year and of course I will avoid sugar for the rest of my days with Allah’s blessings …I am above 30’s and should look after my health now )…

The Italians makes different types of coffee…In fact coffee came to Europe through Italy and the Europeans added milk and sugar to make the taste more acceptable…

Today we can’t live without a dose of caffeine…caffeine is the stimulant that have invigorating effects…COFFEE…Mark one!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

One year having a credit card…My success story!!!

I became eligible and was issued a Visa Classic Credit card on 13 May 2010…I succeeded on having a credit card…It had helped me a lot…
I was able to register on EBay ( today it is my one year anniversary on EBay, visit ) and I was able to register on Google Adwords ( ) and pay to Google to promote my primary web site . I have done other business on the internet : dealt with Microsoft to buy a Windows XP update patch CD, dealt with book shop of India ( ) , and paid and took E-mail read notify service ( )!!!
I send my sincere heart felt thanks to Bank of Maldives Card Center and Internet E-Banking Service…

Friday, May 14, 2010

One year on EBay…

Tomorrow, 15 May 2010, it will be one year for me to use EBay…

Visit my EBay profile:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Will EBay’s acquisition of Fraud Sciences help defeat online payment fraud?

Ebay acquired Israeli start up company Fraud Sciences Limited early last year…Fraud Sciences Ltd does scientific research into online payment fraud and had developed technologies like SpotLight VFX and  SpotLight T2T which detects fraudulent transactions with remarkable accuracy.

The question to ponder is will it be fool proof…Sure it will be very difficult to break these systems…But no computer technology is fool proof…Before EBay and Yahoo had been hacked…And there is a possibility even these technologies will be by passed and broken.

Let’s wait and see…

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My past in brief…

ABUSES AND BETRAYALS…These are the two words which best describes my life… Why? … Because of jealousy…
I am a honest and kind hearted man with good humor and no temper at all…
All the jobs I have been had been secured by myself without influence or patronage…All are legally binding…The only thing I hide is my past employment history…My good academic results secures my jobs…After that human nature does takes the course…People starts to speak…And when they find my past they start to abuse me!!!
So that’s it…I am now negotiating with the Ministry of Defense and National Security to discuss my future and I am communicating with Director General of Intelligence Directorate of MNDF Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam…I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE BECUSE THESE ARE NO SECRETS…

Thursday, April 29, 2010

One year on Google’s Blogger…

This is my formal blog…Since 2003 I had my own web site…And since 2008 I had a blog…I write stories about myself in the intention that one day some foreign film maker or publisher may buy it from me for a substantial fee…All are true stories…I also write articles on computing, which is my keen interest in life…
Here are some of the most important ( I believe ) posts in this blog of mine:

Be warned that the above stories about my life are solely mine and you should not write about them or sell them to anyone without my prior consultation and approval!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

25 April 2010...

Here are 2 photographs of me taken on 25 April 2010...One is taken in Skippy Food Corner in Carnival,the other is taken in my room...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog review…celebrating one year on Google’s Blogger….

I singed up for Blogger ( which is a google’s free service ) one year ago…Now it is time for me to review the posts I have made and provide the links to the posts….I will provide the posts of the first 2 months on Blogger since it is impossible to provide all the links of the posts and there brief descriptions….
                          ==  WARNING ==
Here are the links and the synoptic descriptions:
MAY  2009: 
    An none technical article on the history of the internet…But there are some computing technical terms and words used!!!

JUNE  2009    A story about Kk4rum   An article about IRC use is Maldives…It is not technical and it is intuitive!!!
    A short description about Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The song that keeps my morale...Dare sung by Stan Bush for the cartoon movie of 1986, Transformers: The movie

Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered
And there's nowhere to turn
You wonder how you keep going
Think of all the things that really mattered
And the chances you've earned
The fire in your heart is growing
You can fly, if you try leaving the past behind
Heaven only knows what you might find

Dare - dare to believe you can survive
You hold the future in your hand
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
It's time to take a stand
And you can win, if you dare

Everybody's trying to break your spirit
Keeping you down
Seems like it's been forever
But there's another voice if you'll just hear it
Saying it's the last round
Looks like it's now or never
Out of the darkness you stumble into the light
Fighting for the things you know are right

Dare - dare to believe you can survive
The power is there at your command
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
It's time to take a stand
And you can win, if you dare

Dare - dare to believe you can survive
You hold the future in your hand
Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive
The power is there at your command

Dare - dare to keep all your love alive
Dare to be all you can be
Dare - 'cause there is a place where dreams survive
And it's calling you on to victory