Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two funny e-mails I send to police early this year…

I send an e-mail to intelligence at Maldives Police Service and to a girl whom I met in facebook who works in Police…Here are the two e-mails and the snap shots I attached to those two e-mails…
First e-mail

I sent an e-mail to and it was instantly opened in USA?

lol? why is that?

See the attached pics...I am not lieing...see the readstatusinfo.jpg fro proof!!!
Warm regards
Ñăħęėź Țȟǡŵ£ěěĝ
Second e-mail:

Hi baby Leena

                   Here are the two snap is very strange...I wonder why that e-mail was read in USA...Please double click and open it on your PC and u will see...

                   I told Mr.Wanna Be A Spy ( chief inspector Shuhad ) and Chief Inspector Hameed ( MC ) about it today...

                   They haven't told anything about it yet...

                   so strange dhoa???

     Warm regards
Ñăħęėź Țȟǡŵ£ěěĝ

This caused the Police to send me a message through the girl Leena whom I met in facebook and msn…She said to make her a logo of Sonee hardware and LG mobile…Actually it is a code meaning :

  Sonny Lets Go…hehehehehehehehe

Here are the two snapshots I attached to those two e-mails…Depending on your monitor you might need to download these two pics to see what is written there…Alternatively just click on the images and it will display the full photograph!!!

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