Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eight years having a mobile phone...

On 7 March 2004 around 10 o'clock I bought my first mobile phone which was a Samsung phone and prepaid connection kit. My number was 7714859...Since than I was mobile...I had several mobile numbers during these past years...I changed my prepaid number in early 2005 and disconnected the old nubmer....In 2008 again I discarded and bought a new prepaid number...In 2008 also I got my second mobile which was a Sony Ericsson...In late 2008 I bought two Wataniya prepaid numbers and in late March 2009 I bought my first postpaid Dhiraagu number ...In early 2010 I bought my second postpaid Dhiraagu number and I had been using this number since than...In March 2010 I bought my first Nokia mobile too and I have been using that phone since than...Al hamdhu lillahi rabil aalameen!!!

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