Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last night signedup for Google Apps

I was introduced to Google Apps by my close friend Solah ( who was my high school mate and friend in SEC and was also a friend at NSS )...I had seen Google Apps before using Google search...Last year my friend Shiyaz told me about custom URL's for e-mail addresses...

Google Apps is a service for business and individuals by Google...I had successfully verified my account by uploading a verification HTML file to my web server of signed up for Google Apps on my web site and my account is at not spam) as the primary e-mail...I am now trying to set my guestworm e-mail to after updating the mail MX records and CNAME records at the hosting servers to point to Goolge...My Google Apps URL is :  .....I HOPE I SUCCEED....Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen!!!

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