Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just now broght my Lenovo personal computer system from Megachip Service Center...

Yesterday 14 September 2013 Saturday my computer developed a power problem...I thought it was a fault with power supply card and had removed the steel covering of my computer and unsuccessfully attempted to remove the power supply card...Than today around 10 O'Clock I took my system to Megachip Service Center and they charged me an initial diagonstic fee of none refundable 212 MVR and this afternoon around 3:30 O'clock they called to my mobile and told me that it wasn't a power supply fault and it was a minor problem with power switch...I have now brought my computer from Megachip Service Center ( after paying the rectification and repair fee of MVR 424 / - ) and I am making this blog post using my own computer.....ALhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Alameen....Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds......HOORAY!!!

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