Monday, November 11, 2013

The brief story of Prophet Lut ( Peace be upon him )

The people of Lut ( Peace be upon him ) learnt a very evil knowledge from the cursed devil.
They knew where the Angels are and they knew the secrets of the heaven.They became wicked because of this.

An example is a boy of Sodoom was going for fishing and he went past from one of their evil schools.
He looked at what was taught and listened to what was said. Then he left. Jibreel ( Peace be upon him ) came to
this boy in the appearance of a man and he asked the boy where is Jibreel? The boy made a calculation and said " he is not in the sky. He is either you or me?"

Messenger and prophet Lut showed many miracles and gave them advice. They said,"why are you not handsome?" He said  to them,"Allah rewards people not by their appearance but in their belief in Allah."

The people of Sodoom attacked travelers and raped them. They have sex with their mothers and sisters and they have sex with their own men. They use the evil knowledge which the cursed devil had taught them.

Prophet Lut was patient and treated them with kindness for many many years. He showed them many miracles from Allah but they refused to believe in Allah and stop their morally wicked ways.

Finally when they had killed a patron of Lut who was a believer,Lut prayed to Allah that these people are the most wicked people that had lived on the Earth ever.So Allah heard his prayer and he destroyed Sodoom never like any nation he had destroyed. Allah showered them fire stones and put their country upside down and their knowledge was destroyed and would never be learnt by any people on Earth.

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