Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Two very old scanned photos of me

It's now 9:05 PM night of Wednesday 24 February 2016...I just now scanned two very old photos of me from Copier Repair...I was less than 26 years old when the photos were taken...The first is in a nearby home called G.Barosa and I am alone in the photo...I visited this home from 1998 to April 2003 and it's the home of my close old friend Mohamed Latheef....I don't know which year this photo was taken but it's definitely after 1999 and befor 2003...The next photo is taken in Nasandhura Palace Hotel in the wedding party and reception of my cousin brother Abdullah Mausoom and his wife Nasira...This photo was definitely taken in the year 2000...I am standing with them...I was very thin and not over weight during those years...Subu haana Allah...Glory be to Allah...

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