Friday, March 25, 2016

Near Hulhule' Island Hotel ( HIH )

Today is Friday 25 March 2016...I and my close old friend Mohamed Shafeeq and his little daughter Kylie and his father and mother went to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport by MTCC Airport Express speed boat or launch...Mohamed Shafeeq's mother and father is returning back to their home island after a medical trip...After having short eats with sun quick juice and water in the airport canteen I went to pray Asru prayers in the airport mosque...I took a few photos in the canteen...I than took photos near Hulhule Island Hotel which was built and opened in the late 1990's by a joint venture construction project by local construction company Aima and Hawkins from New Zealand...Hulhule Island Hotel is I think now owned by Maldives Airports Company Limited ( MACL ) and Singapore Airlines ( I am not totally sure about this )...The coconut palms planted on the roads and the beautiful park like trees near Hulhule Island Hotel is breath taking...Today is a beautiful day with bright sun shine...Subu haana Allah...Glory be to Allah...

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