Friday, April 8, 2016

Playing NSA Crypto Challenge

Tonight is Friday 8 April 2016 and earlier tonight around 6:05 PM I finished a game of NSA Crypto Challenge...NSA or the National Security Agency ( mobile website : ) is the US agency which comes under the US Department of Defense ( website : ) or Pentagon and is tasked to protect the US government's communication systems and to perform cryptologic intelligence gathering on rival nations...I have been using and playing this game for more than a year now ( get it on Google Play : )...In this game we had to crack or decode cryptograms ( or cryptographs in other words )...In this game I concluded, it was History of NSA #10 and I decoded the cryptogram in 5:07 minutes with 4 hints...These are screenshots if my phone as I played the game...Subu haana Allah...Glory be to Allah... 

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