Monday, June 20, 2016

Ongoing construction of China Maldives Friendship Bridge

Today is Monday 15 Ramallan 1437, 20 June 2016...I was in Lonuziyaarai Kolhu a moment ago and it's now 5:46 PM early evening and we all will be breaking our fasting in a little while...The Chinese engineers are doing an excellent job in building the first ever bridge of Maldives linking Male' and Hulhule and Hulhumale' and is named China Maldives Friendship Bridge...A friend told me that the huge steel structure on which there is a huge crane when I took the photo, is not actually the bridge but only the platform from which the built is made...I have almost no knowledge in Civil and Structural Engineering but I think he is right and this appears the steel framework where the Chinese Engineers is going to pour mixed and reinforced concrete and build the concrete structure...We have to wait nore months to see how it is build but I am very interested in how CCCC Second Harbor Enigneering Company Ltd ( a Chinese company and is the contractor to build the bridge ) is building our very first bridge of the Maldives....Allah Akbar...Allah is great ... :)

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