Monday, October 24, 2016

Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Build Tools

Last night I formatted my computer and for the first time installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 build tools with Windows SDK...I don't need the full IDE of Visual Studio 2015...All I need is the C/C++ compilers capable of compiling native C and C++ programs and managed C++ code and also Microsoft Foundation Classes ( MFC )...Last night I started formatting my computer at around 8:10 PM night of 23 October 2016 Sunday...I finished installing GIMP, Audacity, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 build tools, YTD downloader, Google Chrome, and JDK 8 ( Java development kit 8 ) around 1:10 AM morning of Monday 24 October 2016...Allah Akbar...Allah is great...:)

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