Thursday, May 11, 2017

Adobe Audition CS 6

In these screen shots I am using Adobe Audition CS 6 to record the song " Burn With Me" sung by the Swedish heavy metal band Amaranthe in 2013 from YouTube...My compute's sound card is an entry level or basic sound card manufactured by Analog Devices and the brand is SoundMax...It's a high definition but not a professional sound card for music production...I only have to listen to music and some times record songs...I have to adjust the sound card settings and adjust the sample output rate because Adobe Audition is displaying an error...After playing around I did the recording and exported the audio wave to MP3 format...( Location : Male'...Date : Thursday 11 May 2017...Time : 7:55 AM ... Part of the day : Morning...Weather : Cloudy ... Temperature : Cool )

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