Friday, July 7, 2017

Began to use GnuCash

Today is a Friday and it's now afternoon...I get only very small amounts of money each day but when the bits of cash is summed up I think it will be around 9000 MVR per month...I need to know , manage and track by personal expenses and so that's why I installed GnuCash in my computer and phone...I made the first entries in GnuCash just now and the default currency is MVR...I have taken photos of the first bits of cash I received this afternoon, my bank account statement , and some of the bills I got while I purchased cigarettes and had coffee...The bank teller who printed the bank statement of my account said it will be 170 pages long since it was printed from the date I opened my account in December 2003 and upto July 2017...My 3 close friends who had deposited cash to my account for various reasons is shown...I don't know anything about finance and accounting nor book keeping but I intend to learn basic accounting concepts so that I can track and mange my money and expenditures starting this blessed Friday.... :) ... Allah Akbar... Allah is great... ( Location : Male'...Date : Friday 7 July 2017...Time : 2:39 PM....Part of the day : Afternoon...Weather : Sunny...Temperature : Hot )

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