Tuesday, September 19, 2017

ADK Food Corner coffee

I consulted dermatologist Dr.Nuzha at ADK Hospital this morning because my armpits has darkened and the skin was rough..I thought it was due to a bad roll on I had applied on the skin of my armpits but Dr.Nuzha told me that it's not due to a roll on but been over weight and the skin of my arms get rubbed in the armpits when I walk...So she gave me medications...I also told her that I have been shaving my body for now more than thirteen years and sometimes blisters are in the skin and I burst those blisters...I asked Dr.Nuzha to shave or wax my body and she told me that it's better to shave rather than waxing...She gave me another medication to apply on the blisters if they appear on my body but it was not really a problem it isn't a nuisance...I trust ADK Hospital very much and the  doctors of ADK Hospital is very professional and caring...I drank coffee after obtaining the ointments from the hospital pharmacy... :) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...( Location : ADK Food Corner...Date : Tuesday 19 September 2017...Time : 9:11 AM...Part of the day : Morning...Weather : Sunny...Temperature :Warm )

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