Saturday, October 7, 2017

Four months using GnuCash

I started to use GnuCash ( a personal finance and accounting software that's also free and open source ) on Friday 7 July 2017 to track my personal expenses...Today is Saturday 7 October 2017 and it's exactly four months I have been using this software...I receive very small bits of cash daily and I wanted to track and record the bits of cash...My mother has given me 7849 MVR and my father has give me 1754 MVR these past four months...My close old friend Mohamed Shafeeq ( Shafittey )has paid me 10,050 MVR for doing work for him...My old friend Hussain Adhil ( Allu ) has given me 555 MVR for coffee...My old friend Nihaadh paid me 730 MVR for working for him...My old friends Shiyaz Adam Shiyalhey gave me 100 MVR, Zaid gave me 50 MVR, and Shafeeu gave me 30 MVR...My old friend Abdul Majeed paid me 227 MVR for work done for him...I spend 114 MVR on charity, 3088.85 for coffee and tea, 668 MVR for medical consultations, 516 MVR on online payments, 1798 MVR for my mobile and telephone bills, 105 MVR to pay my old friend Jubairs Ooredoo mobile bill, 54 MVR to make photocopies and prints, 127 on transportation ( ferry and taxi rides ), 706 MVR to buy beauty products, 12663 MVR on cigarettes ( the largest expenditure ) , and 802 MVR to buy other items from shops....I owe as liabilities 15 MVR to my old freind Akhthar, 100 MVR for Ali Naseem....My close old friend Mohamed Jubair has given me 5576 MVR for free although I list it as a liability...The only shop I borrow cigarettes is Hanhiya and the both shop owners are my close friends..I highly recommend GnuCash for personal accounting and finance tracking.... :) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...( Location : Male'...Date : Saturday 7 October 2017...Time : 2:05 PM...Part of the day : Afternoon...Weather : Sunny...Temperature : Hot )

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