Thursday, November 2, 2017

Finished hosting my personal site on Google App Engine

Today's work till now...I have all the three domains I own now registered in Google Domains...Today I changed the name server DNS records of my personal site and hosted this site on Google Cloud App Engine and I will use the free tier...Today morning I downloaded Google Cloud SDK and started work to upload my personal site on Google App Engine...Google App Engine is a cloud computing platform by Google to develop and host web applications...I am stilling learning to use Google App Engine and there might be errors for the visitor while visiting my site...When I uploaded the HTML files and photos the site was located at and I mapped my domain in the settings in App Engine... will work...I first bought this domain in October 2003 and it expired in 2004...I bought it again on 28 August 2008 and still I am using it and in late 2016 I transferred this domain to Google Domains and change the name server records to point to my old web hosting company...I don't intend to by another domain...The other two domains are in my blogs and the last one I bought on my birthday this year... :) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...( Location : Male'...Date : Thursday 2 November 2017...Time : 7:47 PM...Part of the day : Night ...Weather : Nice...Temperature : Cool )

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