Saturday, March 9, 2019

Enabled HTTPS to my second website

I have early this morning successfully enabled HTTPS to my second website as it's now served through Cloudflare®.

I did this by going to the Crypto tab in Cloudflare® dashboard and "switching on"the button with the Always Use HTTPS...Now Cloudflare® automatically issues a free TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate to my website hosted in AWS™, which is a one page website to self-market my book "Military Computer Alert"...As I click on the required URL tab in Google® Chrome™ browser, it says the connection is secure...

:) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: Male'...Date: Saturday 9 March 2019...Time: 2:48 PM...Part of the day: Late afternoon...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Hot)

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