Monday, November 9, 2020

Grass in pavement

Today afternoon I had a hair cut some time ago...

Today is a special day...It's exactly 3 years since I had my own internet...I applied for internet service on 1 November 2017 and Dhiraagu connected the internet service to my room on 9 November 2017. My service and all other services I got from Dhiraagu runs very smoothly round the year...Dhiraagu is my favorite company although many people criticize her for high prices and unreliable services...But I am amazed and surprised by this...Look at what happened to Air Maldives and MIFCO...Look what happened to Wataniya Maldives...Dhiraagu to survive doesn't play with the prices or lower the services to stay in the market...The service disruption is actually and mostly the customers themselves playing unknowingly with the equipment like routers and modems and other equipment without understanding basic/advanced knowledge of the systems and it becomes faulty...

I took these photos on the pavement of Childrens Garden (Kuda Kudhinge Bageechaa) and it has been closed due to COVID-19...I spotted that grass is growing on the pavement to the east of Childrens Garden and took these photos...The late afternoon sun is very bright...



Allah Akbar...Allah is great

(Location: Ameenee Magu/Kuda Kudhinge Bageecha...Date: Monday 9 November 2020...Time: 3:30 PM...Part of the day: Late Afternoon...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Warm)


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