Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Announcement (Ongoing Fraud Cases)

Since Ramallan of this year 2021, I have noticed that some people (of course my prime suspect is the evil family of Hawwa Shamla who works in The Maldives National University and who is from Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll island of Thinadhoo) are stealing photos of government issued identification documents and permits provided to me by the government of my beloved country of the Republic of Maldives. Also I have received 2 factor authentication SMS and OTP (One Time Password) from +455 (Bank of Maldives) and that means my BML provided debit cards (which I have put in my blog as to do something nice) has being compromised, and I blocked my American Express® debit card.

Ooredoo Maldives is also doing an investigation of receiving data allowances SMS to my main mobile number which is a Dhiraagu Postpaid.

I demand that this had to be stopped.

Last Ramallan a man came to my home to complain about a fake invoice of 24,000 MVR. A few weeks ago a neighbor of my old friend Shafittey showed me in his smart phone Viber®, a photo of my identity card which was stolen to cheat him to deliver his camera which he has put in sale in iBay. After that, I had received a message in my Facebook® page and the question was "did you order any food today?" which means these thugs has again cheated people. Most recently, I received another complain telling me that someone impersonating me has shown my business registration certificates photos in Viber® and he had delivered rolls of construction materials to a vessel berthed in Male' harbor.

There is simply nothing I can do about this.

The abuses will never stop.

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