Thursday, December 9, 2021

Registered in Apple®'s Apple Music™ and iTunes™

Finally Apple Music™ and Apple® iTunes™ is available in my beloved country Maldives.

I registered in these services by Apple® a moment ago. I had to recover my Apple® ID password as I have forgotten it and review and update my iTunes™ account selecting a payment method.

The first thing I ever and just now listened to Apple Music™ using my Samsung® Galaxy™ A70 Android™ phone is Surah Al-Fathiha recitation and this is also the first thing I listened to Apple Music™ which I have never used before as it's not available in Maldives all these years...

When I opened the Apple Music™ app (after downloading it from Google Play™) in my phone I had to read a long license agreement.

Very few and very limited Dhivehi music is available in Apple Music™ (I think because it's not available before in Maldives) and the first song I listened to it is by Ahmed (former member of the local music band Zero Degree Atoll) from his album Dhaalu Raa...



Allah Akbar...Allah is great

(Location: Male'...Date: Thursday 9 December 2021...Time: 11:13 AM...Part of the day: Late noon...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Warm)

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