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Friday, July 21, 2023

Gaakoshi ATM and Maafanu Bus Stop

I went to buy breakfast to my old friend Shafittey and also went to collect a small post item for him...Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Bank account statement for the past few months

Here is my checking bank account statement of BML from 16 May 2018 (From the start of Ramallan this year) till today
obtained using BML's internet banking and in .xls and .pdf file formats.

My friends Mohamed Jubair,Hussain Adil,Ali Shareef Abdul Rasheed,Mohamed Shafeeq and Wafa Saeed(who is the very first and only girl who has deposited money to my bank account) has deposited money to my bank account due to various reasons. Easa Khaleelu is a fan of mine in Facebook® who had given me free coffee money by depositing a tip to my bank account(thank you).

I bought a copy of my self-published book in Amazon® CreateSpace™.

I had registered in Google® Chrome™ Marketplace developer account by paying a one time fee of 5 US $.

I paid 5 MVR to Maldives Post processing fees to collect my friend Wafa Saeed's parcels.

I had paid to my telecom services provider Dhiraagu on different instances during these months.

I had bought cigarettes from one of my favorite shop Hanhiya and had coffee in my favorite cafe' Talent Cafe' in my neighborhood.

Thank you all...

:)... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location:Male'...Date:Tuesday 24 July 2018...Time:9:35 AM...Part of the day:Morning...Weather:Nice...Temperature:Cool)