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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Added BIMI and CAA records to my domains

I have completed adding in the DNS (Domain Name System) the BIMI (Brand Indicator Message Identification) and CAA (Certificate Authority Authorisation) records to my domains.

The only exception is CAA record for my domain which's Name Servers and DNS are in Dhiraagu and she doesn't support CAA records.

The BIMI records is in beta and development and yet to be adopted by DNS hosting providers and web hosting companies and very few companies yet support BIMI and they are GMail™ and AOL®...It's a security feature to display the brand logo in sent messages... The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the supported format for BIMI records..The CAA records enables which certificate authorities can issue certificates to domains and is another security feature... BIMI records are checkable in and CAA records can be tested at .

My online systems gets hacked so often that I have no option to make security precautions as much as I can so my friends and clients can get protected.