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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Concluded my 43rd birthday celebration on my own

This is to conclude my 43rd birthday...

Never ever I had a girl in my life...Failed in each try all these past 24 years since leaving CHSE (SEC)...I am very sorry for myself...So much pain in my heart...Nobody ever felt sympathy on me when I worked hard and wept in my room all alone in grief and sorrow of the harm and abuses they all do to me...They also misuse me and take me for granted...

Why do I deserve all this...The fate I never expected...

Conclusion: The hardest tests in life are for the patient Muslims but one who has put his all trusts in Allah our lord, has grasped the firmest handle that will never ever break

For Allah is most merciful to his servants...

19,20,21,22,23, Saturday to through out Wednesday, October 2019

-- THE END --

Dream Theater • Out Of Reach (CC) [Karaoke Instrumental Lyrics] - Fan uploaded video - Taken from YouTube™

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Out of Reach (instrumental) in YouTube™ (fan uploaded audio with lyrics)

Fan uploaded original authentic instrumental (with lyrics) of the song "Out of Reach" by Dream Theater's 2019 song (track 8) in the album Distance Over time