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Friday, March 8, 2019

Pointing custom domain for website in AWS™

For a few days I have been trying to do this and now it's nearly successfully completed...As the URL of the static websites hosted in Amazon Web Service™ (shortened form : AWS™) is not user friendly, I want to point one of my custom domains to a website in AWS™, which is Amazon®s very powerful cloud computing services, and it's very popular and highly flexible and scalable...

I had now pointed my domain , which is registered in IBM® Cloud Softlayer™ to one of the two static websites in AWS™...It's uploaded into a bucket in S3 (Simple Storage Service), which provides petabytes of data storage...My site has been issued an Amazon® SSL/TLS Certificate (SSL Secure Socket Layer/ TLS Transport Layer Security) but still I am trying to fully enable HTTPS, not yet fully functional...CloudFront has been enabled, which is the CDN (Content Delivery Network of AWS™) and Route 53 has also been provisioned and it's the DNS management and domain registrations service of AWS©...

I have successfully enabled Cloudflare® to this AWS™ website with domain (and it's the last domain I had registered in January 2019) and the site is now fully served through Cloudflare®...

:) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: Male'...Date: Friday 8 March 2019...Time: 4:17 PM...Part of the day: Early evening...Weather: Sunny...Temperature: Warm)

Friday, January 4, 2019

Finished uploading and releasing my personal website

I have launched and released my personal website this Friday midnight, the first Friday of this new year 2019...

I began work in developing my site on Friday 26 October 2018, something I planned for October 2018, after transferring the domain to IBM® Cloud SoftLayer™ but still the site is hosted in Google® Cloud App Engine™ and the site is served by Cloudflare®...

This is my first mobile-friendly and responsive site built using Mobirise® 4 with Bootstrap®.

I also updated my main blog after adding Google® reCAPTCHA v 3 (which I have also added to my personal website) security and Google Maps® location of mine (is also added to my website)...

The open source codes of my website and images/photo are also released in GitHub® ( )...

:) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: Male'...Date: Friday 4 January 2018...Time: 5:12 AM (Fajr prayer time)...Part of the day: Dawn/sunrise/early morning...Weather: Nice...Temperature: Very Pleasant)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Completed transferring my website domain to IBM®

Yesterday, I have already finished transferring my personal website domain to IBM®.

Now IBM® is the registrar of my domain, Google®s powerful Cloud Computing Platform will provide the hosting of my website and Google®s world class G Suite™ will provide the emails and many other services, and the exceptional services of Cloudflare® will provide the DNS (Domain Name System) management and CDN (Content Delivery Network).

I had set the TTL (Time To Live) to "Automatic" in Cloudflare® when I transferred my domain and there was no interruption or down time to my personal website when it was transferred to IBM® Cloud Softlayer™.

DS (Delegation Signer) / DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) has also been enabled for my domain by Cloudflare® because the previous registrar Google Domains™ supports DS records at registry level.

I have now enlisted three U.S. technology companies, IBM®, Google®, and Cloudflare® to serve my personal website

This completes what I have planned to accomplish for this month of October 2018. There were many other tasks I had in my mind but I was not able to complete them because I and all my friends were in a financial crisis. I will do those things very slowly some other time when they all have recovered from their financial problems.

:) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: Male'...Date: Saturday 27 October 2018...Time: 3:13 PM...Part of the day: Late afternoon...Weather: Cloudy...Temperature: Warm)