Sunday, May 1, 2011

9 years since I got interested in computers....May 2002 to 2011

I got interested in computers in May 2002...I began using the internet and browsing the web...Firstly, I was interested in making music and I collected midi files from various artists...Than I began interested in software development and web designing...I started to chat in IRC in November 2002 and started to use MSN Messenger in December 2002...I uploaded my first web site in October 2003 but a few weeks ago I had created a geocities site at yahoo....In December 2003 I started to play the great game on IRC...By mid 2004 I was the most well known person in IRC...In Ramazaan 2004 I back fired the scam played my so called friends...In 2006 I again resumed playing the great game and caused balaabodu to be closed....Years 2007 to 2009 were idle and I was in sleep mode.......In 2010 I revealed to the world what I did at NSS in June 1996...

Years 2002 to 2011....My computing history....MARK ONE!!!

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