Monday, May 9, 2011

Frederick Forsyth’s latest novel ‘The Cobra’ mentions Maldives…

I downloaded  a PDF illegitimate copy of the book late last year…I have read portions of the book…It is about a US and British crack down on the world’s cocaine industry…

It mentions Maldives on a paragraph…It is about the 83’rd page of the PDF copy…Here is the quote :

“ NO ONE goes to the Chagos Islands. It is forbidden. They are just a small group of coral atolls in the lost center of the Indian Ocean a thousand miles south of the southern tip of India. Were they allowed, they might, like the Maldives, have resort hotels to take advantage of the limpid lagoons, all-year sun and untouched coral reefs. Instead they have bombers. Specifically, the American B-52.”

I have read most of the novels of Frederick Forsyth and my dream is to acquire this book, ‘The Cobra’… It gave me knowledge of the craft of spying and it is from these books and also Robert Ludlum's books I learnt to play the great game…MARK ONE!!!

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