Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I highly approve the quality of service provided by Department of National Registration

It's now 5:00 PM early evening of Wednesday 19 July 2016...I received my national identity card ( or identification card ) which I had applied to renew yesterday noon Tuesday 18 July 2016...

The Department of National Registration was previously called the Identity Card Unit and was found in the early 1980's by the government of President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom...Today it has matured and today use very advanced computerized identification technologies like biometric finger print scanners to read the finger print of the thumb, digital pens to write and scan the signatures, and high quality photography to capture the face image...I heard in 2006 that the Department of National Registration has an Intel Itanium 2 processor based servers...I don't know if this is true, but that means even during those days of 2006 they had a modern database facility...I first made my national identity card in mid 1995 and my identity card number A027784 is quite an early number...I have already in 2011 given my thalessemia none carrier card which has my blood group ( that's O+ ) to this government department in order to update their records...

The services provided by the Department of National Registration is very professional and all the work done which I would rate as high quality...The waiting time for tokens is acceptable and the staff are professional and experienced...MARK ONE...Allah Akbar...Allah is great... :)

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