Monday, April 3, 2017

Settled my fixed line telephone bill

I have just now settled my Dhiraagu fixed line telephone bill...I made the last payment of 144 MVR using my mobile phone and through Dhiraagu's website using BML Payment Gateway...I subscribed for a Dhiraagu fixed telephone line on 9 March 2017 and they installed and connected the line to my room on 12 March 2017...The March 2017 bill amount was about 3149 MVR and there was no way I can pay that amount instantly so I paid all my coffee and cigarette cash to settle the bill...I paid small bits of cash like 30 MVR , 50 MVR, 300 MVR and so forth and stopped going to coffee and reduced smoking since March of this year 2017... :) ... Allah Akbar... Allah is great... ( Location : Maldives...Date : Monday 3 April 2017...Time : 12:48 AM ...Part of the day : Midnight or early morning ( still night )...Weather : Nice ... Temperature : Cool )

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