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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Dhiraagu 32nd AGM

This afternoon I virtually attended Dhiraagu 32nd Annual General Meeting using my mobile phone.

I registered in which is an online platform of Maldives Securities Depository in Ramallan this year 2021 when the AGM was announded. Today my username and password was provided by MSD through an SMS.



Allah Akbar...Allah is great

(Location : Male'...Date : Thursday 20 May 2021...Time : 1 PM...Part of the day: Afternoon...Weather: Sunny...Temperaure : Hot)

Friday, June 19, 2020

Dhiraagu pays me final dividend for fiscal year 2019

It's very good I am doing this on a Friday, and today is Friday 19 June 2020...

Yesterday, Dhiraagu, my favorite company in Maldives, of whom I own 1 share, paid me final dividend for fiscal year 2019.

I bought the share of Dhiraagu in very early 2018, and I own only 1 share of Dhiraagu...

This is the last time I am going to put this in social media, that's my bank account details and my dividend payment of any company incorporated in Maldives of which I own a share, and it's Dhiraagu...



Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

(Location: Male'...Date : Friday 19 June 2020...Time: 10:26 AM...Part of the day:

Noon...Weather: Cloudy and rain like...Temperature: Cool)

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Did IBM® Sierra™ supercomputer scanned the Maldives?

I have waited several months patiently to about write this...Now it's high time I break what's in my head for sometime and write about it...

Last year January 2019, I wrote an incident which happend in November 2018, the Windows™ 10 activation errors as a combined story of my tax return filing to MIRA.

It's only all inferences in my mind and to which I have a very high chance of being true..

After I had completed the courses I have done in IBM® Cognitive Class™, Cisco® Networking Academy, Oracle® DevGym™, and Google® Analytics Academy, I put the Credly® Your Acclaim™ badge issued to me by IBM® in this blog of mine. I have put the photos of the  certificates I had received from these huge corporations in my blog. These corporations are excellent including Adobe® Education Exchange™ (which I did later) and SoloLearn® (my very first online interactive course provider).

I made a post in Facebook® about IBM Sierra™ taken from Verge Science® video in YouTube™. I think someone bought a copy of my self published book "Military Computer Alert" and send it Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States (Amazon® CreateSpace™ and Amazon® Kindle™ Direct Publishing is not meant for Maldives and I will never know how many copies of my book sold or not, but the statistics provided to me show that not a single copy of my book was sold even after my own self marketing through paid advertising last year 2019 in Google® Ads and Microsoft® (Bing™) Advertisement).

My book was well read by several scientists in that huge laboratory which does scientific research in nuclear weapons and many other sciences.

Now this is what happened.

I had at Clouflare® level, using the Firewall, blocked some operating systems, certain types of devices including mobile/smart phones, certain people (how heart breaking it's and tears in my eyes, but I have no other choice) to deny the access to this blog of mine. I did this by setting in Cloudflare® the URI (Uniform Resource Indicator not to be confused for URL which is Uniform Resource Locator). I did this for the protection of my blogs. It had to certain access, reduced the traffic to my blog, and that had a positive success effect on reducing the mobile phone bills of some of my close friends of mine who are using accessive data and incurring a large phone bill each month.

Sierra™ is at the moment the second most powerful supercomputer in the world and  the system/machine is built by IBM® one of my favorite and most admired company's in the world. When the scientists of the above laboratory viewed my blog, Sierra™ automatically attempted to scan my blog (this blog) using virtualization of several known operating systems but Cloudlfare® denied access. So Sierra™ started to scan the websites of Maldives (that's what I call in scanning the Maldives) after accessing through Dhiraagu data center servers.

The MNDF had a news conference chaired by Minister of Defence of Maldives, Mariya Ahmed Didi, and some general officers of MNDF in the local television explaining to news media of Maldives that Sierra™ is now scanning the websites of Maldives. This happened after the devastating fire which happend near ADK Hospital earlier in September 2019. I saw like a blink of this interview that September 2019 but since I don't watch television I took no notice of it and went outside to have a smoke.

Than a few days later, a joint news conference was held by Maldives Police Service and MNDF, and I saw my old police friend and colleague Assistant Commissioner of Police Naveen, and I heard and saw him saying "that conference is now ongoing in CNN" and my father changed the channel to CNN in hour home cable TV, and I saw than incumbent U.S Secretary of Energy Rick Perry being interviewed.

I always love to talk to Dhiraagu customer service staff because they never get angry (unlike I had received anger calls on two occassions first in 2012 and last year 2019 but that's not Dhiraagu ) or shout at me and during one of these days (September 2019) to consult on something I called Dhiraagu 123 and the casual air was filled with excitement from the beautiful voices of the girls staff of Dhiraagu toll free local phone support. I think I felt like my heart beating very fast that day when those girls greeted me in phone support.

Then I submitted my BML provided digital bank account statments to Oracle® before signing up in the free tier of Oracle® Cloud as a token of good will and appreciation by my side to Oracle®, and that submission also created some news (I am not totally sure about this)  in certain media channels.

I hope I am forgiven this time also to the trouble I had caused. I never even thought to do such a thing and it was happening by the very nature of the things I do to learn at home using my computer and mobile smart phone.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

DriveWealth® Reports

In late 2017 I wanted to buy shares/stocks of U.S. technology companies and was Google® searching the internet. It was very tough and from that Thursday morning I was searching like never before in my whole life. When it was the early hours of Friday morning (night) Google® changed and shifted the search towards JStock™ and DriveWealth® LLC.

JStock® is an open source app developed in Malaysia and DriveWealth® LLC is a privately held company offering stock broker services, wealth management, and other financial services and the company is registered in the U.S.

That Friday morning, I deposited 10 US $ using my Visa® debit card to my investment account and emailed DriveWealth® a color photo of my Maldivian passport, further more DriveWealth® charged about 5 US $ to open my investment account as a handling fee to submit to the Internal Revenue Service the W8-BEN form. This form is a required beneficiary form for foreign investors.

I was depositing small amounts using my Visa® debit card to buy my very first ever share on my own. After a few days I bought my very first share and it was of Intel® Corporation which is listed and traded in Nasdaq® with the ticker symbol INTC®. Nasdaq® is the world's second largest stock exchange and is in Wall Street, New York city. In Nasdaq® the majority of the listed companies are technology companies. Intel® is my favorite technology company. I bought shares of a few other companies and sold the shares and till late 2018 I never held any shares. I emailed to DriveWealth® to electronically wire the funds to my BML bank account and it was my only and first ever electronic wire transfer to my bank account.

In late 2018 I again bought a share of Intel® and I intend to keep this share. On Ramallan 2019 I attended the Intel® stock and share holder meeting which was a virtual event. That was the very first time I attended such a meeting and I voted in favor of the recommendations made by Intel®.

I own 1 share of Dhiraagu which is my favorite and most admired company in Maldives. The services provided is excellent. I bought that share in early 2018. I receive dividends both by Intel® and Dhiraagu too.

Here are the useful links:

Here are the photos of the reports I downloaded of my investment account in DriveWealth®. I intend to make this the last time I am going to put this in my blog. Click on any of the photos and it will be shown full screen in the browser.