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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Intel and Dhiraagu shares

In late 2017, I had to spend one full day and night without sleeping searching to buy shares of my favorite company Intel Corporation (Nasdaq ticker symbol INTC). 

Starting that Thursday morning in late 2017, I was searching the internet, and it was very stressful and late that night around 1:30 AM (which was now Friday) Google shifted the search to an app called JStock which was developed in Malaysia, and it provides investing in US securities through a Fintech (Financial Technology) company named DriveWealth.

I had to deposit 10 US$ and submit a photo of my passport and DriveWealth electronically submitted the W-7 form to IRS and my investing account was opened.

I kept depositing small amounts of cash using my Visa debit card in US$ and after a few days I bought my first ever share of a company. It was Intel Corporation.

A few years ago, DriveWealth stopped serving investing accounts opened in Maldives and I had to transfer my shares to another broker.

I searched the internet this time for a few hours and found a securities investing company named Interactive Brokers which turned to be one of the largest brokers of stocks in the United States. I transferred my shares to Interactive Brokers that nigh.

In 2003 I sold my 3 shares of MTCC which my father had bought for me when I was a child.

In early 2018 I for the very first time bought a share of my favorite local company Dhivehi Raajegey Gulhun PLC (MSD ticker symbol DHR).

My broker was Aariya Securities Pvt Ltd in Male', Maldives. Now Aariya Securities Pvt Ltd has closed their operations in Male'.

Now I own 1 share of Dhiraagu and 1 share of Intel.

Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

Saturday, January 25, 2020

DriveWealth® Reports

In late 2017 I wanted to buy shares/stocks of U.S. technology companies and was Google® searching the internet. It was very tough and from that Thursday morning I was searching like never before in my whole life. When it was the early hours of Friday morning (night) Google® changed and shifted the search towards JStock™ and DriveWealth® LLC.

JStock® is an open source app developed in Malaysia and DriveWealth® LLC is a privately held company offering stock broker services, wealth management, and other financial services and the company is registered in the U.S.

That Friday morning, I deposited 10 US $ using my Visa® debit card to my investment account and emailed DriveWealth® a color photo of my Maldivian passport, further more DriveWealth® charged about 5 US $ to open my investment account as a handling fee to submit to the Internal Revenue Service the W8-BEN form. This form is a required beneficiary form for foreign investors.

I was depositing small amounts using my Visa® debit card to buy my very first ever share on my own. After a few days I bought my very first share and it was of Intel® Corporation which is listed and traded in Nasdaq® with the ticker symbol INTC®. Nasdaq® is the world's second largest stock exchange and is in Wall Street, New York city. In Nasdaq® the majority of the listed companies are technology companies. Intel® is my favorite technology company. I bought shares of a few other companies and sold the shares and till late 2018 I never held any shares. I emailed to DriveWealth® to electronically wire the funds to my BML bank account and it was my only and first ever electronic wire transfer to my bank account.

In late 2018 I again bought a share of Intel® and I intend to keep this share. On Ramallan 2019 I attended the Intel® stock and share holder meeting which was a virtual event. That was the very first time I attended such a meeting and I voted in favor of the recommendations made by Intel®.

I own 1 share of Dhiraagu which is my favorite and most admired company in Maldives. The services provided is excellent. I bought that share in early 2018. I receive dividends both by Intel® and Dhiraagu too.

Here are the useful links:

Here are the photos of the reports I downloaded of my investment account in DriveWealth®. I intend to make this the last time I am going to put this in my blog. Click on any of the photos and it will be shown full screen in the browser.