Sunday, July 22, 2018

OrCAD™ Capture CIS™ Lite

Yesterday I formatted my computer and has now finished installing all the softwares I want.

When I installed Cadence® OrCAD™ Lite, it also installed OrCAD™ Capture CIS™ Lite product.

I just now opened a sample design file in OrCAD™ Capture CIS™ Lite and it was a sample design by Intel®.

Here is what I know of processor and IC(Integrated Circuit) design.

OrCAD™ Lite is for educational and hobbyist users. You can design a processor on your own but no fabrication plant (or fab) will manufacture just one or two processors because that will be very inconvenient.

Intel® might use OrCAD™ as a side software for training purposes for new staff but they probably use their own processor design software.There are many companies and individual engineers who use OrCAD™ professionally to design electronics / microelectronics systems.

Hundreds of processes is involved when we can have a single processor chip.Silicon is used as the main ingredients and on a single die billions of transistors are interconnected in different layers.Silicon wafer in 200 mm slices are cut into individual processors in Fabs.

Software's like OrCAD™ is used to design the chips and the manufacturing equipment puts the designs in to volume production.

These are the very first days I am using Cadence® products in my life...

:) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location: Male'...Date : Sunday 22 July 2018...Time: 1:05 PM...Part of the day:Afternoon
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