Thursday, June 27, 2019

H & R Block® acquires Wave®

U.S. accounting and tax preparation company H & R Block®, Inc ( acquires Canadian Fintech (Financial Technology) startup Wave Financial, Inc ( for 537 million US$ on 11 June 2019...

I started to use Wave® on 15 January 2019 ( ) to send Tax Invoices for my customer/client Shidam Company Pvt Ltd (

Here is the news in the internet media (shortened URL )

The acquisition is expected to close in a few months following the approval and legal authorization from the concerned government organisations of both Canada and U.S.A.

I received the news from an email by Kirk Simpson, founder and CEO of Wave®, in which he described the acquisition as incredible.

H & R Block® wants to take over and establish themselves in serving customers in the SMB (Small and Medium Business) sector. Wave® has over 400,000 customers and I use the free services of Wave® mainly to send Tax Invoices.

Wow.... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...\\

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